You've seen the competition, you may have even been part of a Turf Games event, now it is time to train like a TG Athlete 365 days a year.

We are super excited to launch our ATHLETE TRAINING PROGRAMS.

We are always trying to get more out of our performance.  Throughout 2019, we will team up with phenomenal trainers that make up our community, calling on their unique skill sets to deliver for you 4 week training blocks so your training will always be varied ensuring your weaknesses soon become your strengths. These workout programs are suitable for both guys and girls - you can scale weight accordingly.

These programs are built for those who are hungry to get more out of their training and make themselves more well rounded functional fitness athletes.  All workouts will have scalable weight options and like any Turf Games competition, movements will be achievable (i.e. no heavy olympic lifting or technical gymnastic exercises).  

Each monthly block will have generic training techniques as well as workouts tailored towards a Turf Games comp.  Throughout the month you will have full access to ask questions of the trainer or us - scaling exercises, movement substitutions due to injury etc

Program 1 

To kick things off we have teamed up with one of London's top S&C coaches - Sam Pepys.  Sam has competed in every Turf Games to date, taking the top spot at our recent competition in Australia.  He is no stranger to hard training and tough competition.

Sam's 4 week S&C program is a mixed modal style of training designed to improve strength and overall cardiovascular fitness. Expect heavy lifts, accompanied by accessory work, and some fun conditioning pieces comprised of shorter, sharper finishers and longer bouts.

Each workout/exercise will be in our movement library so you will know exactly what you need to be doing.