Train with us

We want want to provide opportunities for the Turf Games community to train together and learn new fitness skills. Throughout the year we will be hosting Turf Games Training sessions at various locations giving you a chance to meet new like minded people and workout at some killer locations. Our experienced trainers, passionate about helping others improve their training, will take you through lots of technique and training tips to help you get the best out of your next Turf Games experience. These will be extremely sought after so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and also follow us on social so you don’t miss out.

Upcoming session

Thursday 3rd October

WIT x UATG Winter Training Day

The first London Winter Training session is going to be a big one. Session will be 7pm - 9pm on Thursday 3rd October at WIT. Come by yourself or in a team. This session will be open to anyone - not just people signed up to the Winter Festival and is a great way to experience a Turf Games style of training and meet great people. Entry for this is launching 25th September.