We have teamed up with some of our elite fitness professional athletes to provide you some great inspiration for workouts to add into your training schedule. The majority are short and sharp AMRAPS (As Many Reps As Possible) or EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) and generally are no longer than 10-20 minutes. Give these are go and be sure to tag @turfgames and #FORTHEATHLETEWITHIN on Instagram


Turf Games is a community of like minded individuals who are passionate about fitness, not just as a form of exercise, but as a lifestyle.  We are always looking for ways to enhance how people train, making it more fun, engaging and also ways to connect with more people.   We are super excited to announce our partnership with Myzone and the formation of the Turf Games Community on the Myzone app.  We will be connecting with athletes from all over the world who have a Myzone wearable.  Through this community, we will be 'gamifying' training with ways for participants to win some...

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