Preseason 3.0


YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED // We have been blown away by the support, positivity and demand for more from the Preseason Training Programme. As such, we are excited to launch...


Pre-season training  (prē′sē′zən trā′nĭng) noun. is training that occurs in the timeframe directly proceeding the actual sports season.

If there is one take away that we hope everyone has during this period, from a fitness perspective, is be more emotionally connected as to WHY you train and less attached to the tools of HOW you train to fulfill that WHY.

Want to know what some of those who took part in Preseason 1.0 & 2.0 have to say ...

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the preseason training programme by Turf Games.  Not only has it kept my motivated by giving me daily workouts and a structure, it has also connected me with like minded individuals who have motivated and encouraged each other throughout the season. I feel fitter and stronger, I look forward to the next set of programming” - Leah Powell, Preseason 1.0


Ask yourself this -

  1. Are you lacking direction with your home training during this time? 
  2. Have you been doing HiiT workout after HiiT workout with no goal in mind?
  3. Maybe you have hit a plateau with your training and looking for that extra bit of guidance
  4. Do you want to come out of the next few weeks stronger and fitter than when you started?
  5. Do you want to be part of a supportive online community?
  6. You know you can get more out of your training, but you aren't sure of how to structure your workouts?

What if over the next 4 weeks you could achieve this and be more ready for what lies ahead? 

This is exactly why we have created this programme.  The Preseason Training Programme will be a 4 week training block designed specifically to benefit those who are wanting structure and variety around their training at home.   Designed  by the same team that programmed Home Games and Preseason 1.0 & 2.0.  There will be a full bodyweight and also a dumbbell/kettlebell programme provided.  Everyone who signs up gets access to both programmes.

Preseason 3.0 will be built around the above over a 5 day split and will be for people of ALL abilities - from beginner, to intermediate to advanced.  Can't do something on the program, let us know and we can substitute.  Each week builds upon the previous one in which we will use a variety of tools to increase intensity over the course of the program, culminating in some pretty tough sessions at the end of the 4 week block! 

P.s - you don't have to have taken part in 1.0 or 2.0 to do this programme - they are all stand alone 4 week programmes.


This is one of the best parts (in our opinion, and many of those on the programme)!  Seeing the community move forward together, progress in their strength and fitness journey and have a laugh along the way - it's inspiring.  But you know the thing we love the most about this group - the support you get from everyone when you are having an 'off' day, or things aren't going that great for you.  Life doesn't always go in a straight line so having a support network to ask questions, share your thoughts, get feedback and motivation from is pivotal in moving forward.


Once you sign up, before the start date of the programme which is 13th June, you will receive an email from us with all the information about getting set up on True Coach, details on Facebook Group and also discounts etc.


We have been training at home for over 3 months now - some have equipment and most don't. That's why we have designed this program to cater to people who are in either camp.  Everyone who signs up will get access to the Bodyweight only + Kettlebell/Dumbbell program.  

If gyms are to open up in the UK during this period, we will then add in 'gym' workouts for the remaining time - think barbell, erg workout.

Each day's session is between 30-50 minutes. 


For those who don't have any gym equipment, the Bodyweight Only programme will ensure you can have a structured workout 5 days a week to work through a range of various movements, plenty of variety, tempo movements, endurance and stamina workouts.

“I took part in the bodyweight Preseason as at the time I had no DB/KB with me, therefore decided to go for the BW anyway; the programme is structured in a way that motivates you to the max and provides the right level of routine. No doubt this programme is going to challenge you and in return you will see brilliant results in terms of strength and body appearance” - Veronica Scarano, Preseason 1.0



Requirements - minimum 1 Dumbbell or 1 Kettlebell.

Ideally you have a KB/DB weight that you can press above your head for minimum 5 reps

Adding an element of weight and equipment will allow your body to build strength and also allow for a bigger variety of movements.

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all at Turf Games who have put together the preseason programme. Since the start of lock down I have been keeping on top of my training but like most find it difficult coming up with routines or spending time searching the Internet for wods. Signing up to the preseason programme has been the best thing I have done, knowing that my training is planned for the weeks ahead has given me structure, enjoyment and massive motivation, all of this backed up by great support from the facebook community.  Bring on the next preseason programme I'm 100% there” - Lee Corcoran, Preseason 1.0


*each session also finishes with a warm down section


  • Connect to the Turf Games Private Facebook Community. A phenomenally supportive community of other individuals like you, trying to get the most out of their training
  • 4 week training program with bodyweight + DB/KB workouts
  • Gym based programme workouts if gyms in the UK open during the 4 week programme so you can continue to train to a programme
  • 5 workouts per week + recovery days delivered via an app
  • Starting Monday July 13th
  • Movements to build strength and 'conditioning' to build your engine
  • Around the clock support from our coaching team
  • All movements have video demonstrations so you know exactly the movement you should be doing.
  • 2 x Zoom educational webinars from qualified experts in our community around education and fitness to arm you with the tools to optimise your future training
  • Each day's session is between 30-50 minutes
  • All for less than £1 per day

As part of signing up to Preseason 3.0 will also get exclusive discounts at

  • TURF GAMES - 25% discount off Turf Games gear
  • OPTIMUM NUTRITION - exclusive 25% code to buy product on their site*
  • FRESH FITNESS FOOD - exclusive 20% off code to order your meal plans according to your goals and macros*^

*UK/Europe only website // *^UK Only delivery


Once you join the sign up to the programme - you will have access to our Facebook group where you will have a community of like minded individuals and our leading specialist coaches who will be able to support you on your training journey every step of the way - whatever your end goal.

Your training plan will be run through an app - TrueCoach.  Once signed up, each day your workout will be delivered to you -

  • No more thinking about what you need or should be doing
  • Sustainable routine and structured programming 
  • All workouts are scalable up or down, depending on your abilities
  • Consistency is key to any training program in order to get results - we will keep you accountable.
  • On Sunday night you get the full weeks workout delivered via email, and then daily emails to remind you of that days session. You can input comments, scores etc 

 "After feeling fed up of workouts which only seemed to have burpees... I looked for an alternative. I saw Turf Games Preseason advertised and I’ve never looked back since signing up. The programme has been brilliant with strength focus and conditioning on each day with lots of variety. This has definitely brought back the spark to my training and I can’t wait for the next block of programming - Preseason 2.0 here I come!!" Charlotte, Preseason 1.0


"As a Personal Trainer and Part time coach at one of Surrey's top Strength and Conditioning facilities, training and learning never stops. Preseason was nothing short of sheer brilliance.  A structured training programme, expertly created, content delivered to include mobility drills, weighted or bodyweight options, round the clock support and a private FB community to share progress, tips and support for one another. So many of my friends have said I've inspired them during lockdown, but Turf Games, YOU have been my inspiration.  Turf Games has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me" - Angelique Russell, Preseason 1.0