Preseason 3.0 Training Programme



Ask yourself this -

  1. Are you lacking direction with your home training during this time? 
  2. Have you been doing HiiT workout after HiiT workout with no goal in mind?
  3. Maybe you have hit a plateau with your training and looking for that extra bit of guidance
  4. Do you want to come out of the next few weeks stronger and fitter than when you started?
  5. Do you want to be part of a supportive online community?
  6. You know you can get more out of your training, but you aren't sure of how to structure your workouts?

What if over the next 4 weeks you could achieve this and be more ready for what lies ahead? 

That is why we have designed this programme.


  • 5 workouts per week + recovery days delivered via an app
  • 4 week training program with bodyweight + DB/KB workouts
  • Connect to the Turf Games Private Facebook Community. A phenomenally supportive community of other individuals like you, trying to get the most out of their training
  • Gym based programme workouts if gyms in the UK open during the 4 week programme so you can continue to train 
  • Starting Monday July 13th
  • Movements to build strength and 'conditioning' to build your engine
  • Around the clock support from our coaching team
  • All movements have video demonstrations so you know exactly the movement you should be doing.
  • 2 x Zoom educational webinars from qualified experts in our community around education and fitness to arm you with the tools to optimise your future training
  • Each day's session is between 30-50 minutes
  • All for less than £1 per day
  • Non-refundable

As part of signing up to Preseason 3.0 will also get exclusive discounts at

  • TURF GAMES - 25% discount off Turf Games gear
  • OPTIMUM NUTRITION - exclusive 25% code to buy product on their site*
  • FRESH FITNESS FOOD - exclusive 20% off code to order your meal plans according to your goals and macros*^

Please Note - Once you purchase the programme here, you will be emailed by us within 48 hours with the information needed to get you set up on True Coach, Facebook group and other need to know things.

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