Workout Inspo

The TURF GAMES training workouts are here.  Check out below for some ideas of how to get yourself in tip top shape before the big day on 9th June.  Try these once and then the next time do whatever you can do beat your previous score. Don't forget to tag @turfgames and #fortheathletewithin on instagram for your chance to win an athlete pack on Game day.

Cardio Burners - 

To help build that engine, it's hard to go past the the ski erg, rower and assault bike. Try these and record your time.

Rower - 

3 minute max distance

Minutes 1, 3 & 5 - row as far as you can during the 60 seconds. Minute 2 and 4, rest.  Guys, aim for 900m +, girls aim for 750m +. If you get over 1,100 - Turf Games superstar.

500m sprint 

Row 500m as fast as you can. Sub 1.20min is Turf Games Superstar. Aim for sub 2min. Try this test a few times and aim to better your score each time.

Assault Bike

50calories for time

Get the heartrate up with this lung buster.  Aim for sub 3minutes with this one, girls sub 3min30. If you are going full throttle and have a great engine, you shuld hit sub 2.10min.

10calorie circuit

Do 10cals on the assault bike, then do 10 burpees x 5 round.

Ski Erg

Max 1 minute distance. 315m+ is excellent, aim for more than 200m

10calorie circuit

Do 10cals on the ski erg, then do 10 double foot box step ups.  Guys have 16kg in each hand, girls have 10kg x 5 rounds


Circuit 1

This workout will be sure to test your cardio and resistance levels.

25 Box Jumps @ 24″
25 Pull Ups or TRX rows
25 Goblet Squat @ 24kg/16kg
25 Press Ups
25 Wall Balls @ 9kg/6kg
25 CTF Burpees
25 Walking Lunges

 X2 Rounds

Circuit 2

500m row
15 deadlifts 80kg/40kg
15 burpess over bar
15 pullups or TRX rows
15 American Kettle Bell swings 16kg/12kg
X5 Rounds
Try and complete this sub 20 mins, or sub 23min.