Swing, climb, run, jump - this arena will be lots of moving.  The Third Space Arena will have 1 team per station working out - meaning there will be 3 teams in the arena.  Each station is 5 minutes on and 3 minutes rest.  If you start on Station 1 you will then do Station 2 then 3. If you start on Station 2 you will then do Station 3 then 1 and so on.  You will obviously be the freshest on your first station so you need to put in a big shift on this one so you have a good chance of getting a great score.


The station is an 'obstacle course' for rounds + a barbell dead lift hold. In weighted vests, an athlete needs to complete the below for 1 round. Only one athlete can be on the course at any given time.  Once the first athlete finishes the course there will be 2 x barbells waiting on the ground.  They must immediately pick one of these up before the second athlete starts on the course. Once the second athlete finishes their round they will pick up the second barbell.   From here the two bars must stay off the ground for the remaining time.  If a bar hits the ground once lifted, you lose 1/2 a round.  A barbell hold is best done in a full extended dead lift position (bar around waist height)

Barbell weights - men 2 x 90kg bars, women 2 x 50kg bars, mixed 1 x 90kg 1 x 50kg

Weighted vests - women 5kg, men 10kg

From the start line, an athlete will run to the rig, will monkey bar across the rig, once at the end of the rig, they will run around to a rope and climb the rope.  If an athlete is unable to do a rope climb scaled is 5 burpees for a rope climb that can't be completed, burpees are chest and hips to floor, stand up, hips fully extended and knees locked out.   If you fall off the monkey bars you need go back to the start of the rig.

Women's rope height will be 10feet and men's will be 12 feet, these will be marked by tape on the rope.  You will need to touch the tape for your height to be a full rep.

Once off the rope the athlete will run to the top of the arena, perform 5 body weight squats with hips going below knees and then knees locked out, then around a marker and run back towards the start - hurdling/stepping over 1 x 24inch box then another 24 inch box a few metres away.

Once back to the start they will tag the next athlete who will be waiting behind the line.  

You may swap in and out of the athletes holding the barbells at any given time once the first two athletes have picked up the bars. It is not mandatory that the athlete who has just finished their round to take the barbell after the first two athletes - i.e. once the second   It is up to your team strategy as the best way you see this working with speed around the course and strength holding the barbell.

SCORE = completed rounds for 1 point minus dropped barbell 1/2 point


STATION 2 - Turn & Burn

Teams will have two x Airdyne bikes and one set of farmers walk handles.  When the start horn sounds, teams will start on both Airdyne bikes.  Once one Airdyne bike hits 80 calories, this bike will stop and you unlock farmers walks.  The other bike will keep going - this will be your scoring bike.

You will then perform farmers walk lengths.  The other Airdyne bike will continue for the duration of the 5 minutes accumulating calories.  You will need to decide how many of each team you put on the remaining Airdyne and the farmers walks - you are allowed to change in between the two according to how you see is the best strategy.

Weights - Farmers Walks 20kg each hand women, 40kg men each hand.  Athletes can do multiple farmer walk lengths before changing handles with another athlete.  Carry handles don't need to be put down at end of each length, both both feet must touch the line to be classified as a length.

SCORE = 1 Airdyne bike calories x farmers handle lengths


STATION 3 - Mile High Club

Time to get climbing.  This station is a combination of Versa climbers and lunges.  

When the start horn sounds, teams will have 2 x Versa climbers.  They will climb as far as they can for 2mins 30 seconds, interchanging athletes on the climbers as they wish for the duration of the time.

At the completion of the Versa climber time, teams will then move to the track and will complete single hand over head lunges to the end of the track (15m) for the remaining 2 mins 30 seconds.  You may have an athlete over at the track waiting for the versa climbers to finish and can immediately start once the judge raises their hand. 

When lunging, athletes knee must touch the ground and weight stay locked out overhead.

Weights - women 10kg, men 16kg

Only one athlete per time is allowed on the track lunging.  You will have 2 x women's weights and 2 x men's weights so next athlete can be ready to go.  Once the athlete completes the lunge track - 1 foot must cross/touch the line while in lunge position - the judge will raise their hand and the next athlete can go.

SCORE = combined versa feet x lunge lengths