Time to roll up your sleeves, it's going to get dirty.  The Farm Fitness Arena will have 1 team per station working out - meaning there will be 3 teams in the arena.  Each station is 5 minutes on and 3 minutes rest.  If you start on Station 1 you will then do Station 2 then 3. If you start on Station 2 you will then do Station 3 then 1 and so on.  You will obviously be the freshest on your first station so you need to put in a big shift on this one so you have a good chance of getting a great score.

Station 1: FARM STRONG

This workout is a chipper in order to unlock the team log carry which is the scoring section.

In the chipper, you DO NOT need to complete log squat reps to unlock rest of chipper, the log GTOH can be started at same time, this then unlocks farmers, which then unlocks deadlifts. Essentially the log squats can run concurrently to rest of chipper. All 75 reps of chipper need to be complete to move onto 100kg squad log.

40 x double log squat - 2 athletes on the log, one at each end. Bum much touch medicine ball for squat to count and knees fully extended

Weight - women 60kg, men 100kg, mixed teams 60kg (must be minimum 1 woman on the log)

N.B. While doing the above pair squats other team members can simultaneously work through the below in order.

20 reps of log ground to overhead (GTOH) - arms must lock out over head and log touch the ground.

Weight - women 25kg, men 45kg, mixed 30kg (minimum 5 reps by women)


10 lengths x 15metre Farmers walks - 2 pairs of farmers handles per team and can be done simultaneously.  Up and back is 2 lengths

Weight (each hand) - women 33kg, men 53kg , mixed get one pair of each weight (men must do 53kg)


5 x double deadlifts - 2 athletes on the bar

Weight - women 100kg, men 180kg, mixed 140kg

Once the above is all complete, for the remaining time, team is to do maximum team log lengths.

100kg log length carries - 4 athletes to carry log length of arena, once log has crossed the line, put log down, each athlete does synchro burpee (chest and hips to floor, no need to fully extend at top as you will need to pick the log back up) and then pick log up. 1 athlete can be resting and be subbed in and out as you wish.

SCORE = Total FULL team log lengths (Please note -  your chipper time will also be recorded, for in an event of a tied number of log lengths, the team who completes the chipper faster will go ahead on the rankings)


STATION 2 - Push & Pull it

Complete the below, can be done simultaneously to unlock Atlas Stone, 

30 x D-ball ground to target (wall balls)

Weight - women 5kg, men 10kg, mixed have one of each weight. Only one ball at a time can be moving.  Ball must hit the target then hit the ground and then be picked up and thrown again.  Mixed teams must have women perform 15 reps and men 15 reps

20 x D-ball over shoulder. Must go over the top of the shoulder, not to the side

Weight  - women 30kg, men 50kg, mixed teams 10 reps must be done by women and 10 by men

then into,

5 lengths atlas stone carry's

Up and back is 2 lengths.  All athletes must complete one length each.

(Weight - 30kg for women (D-ball), 50kg for men, mixed teams 1 of each)

Stone carry completed relay style handing stones over at each end to unlock prowlers, can have team members waiting at prowlers for judges indication that stones are complete.


Max lengths double ended seated pull

2 athletes behind tyres each end of a 15 metre track.  Athletes will have feet against tyres, and will perform an arm over arm pull - pulling the rope connected to each end of the sled. Sled MUST touch tyre for a  point. Each length is worth 1 point.


 Max lengths prowler push

One athlete to push at a time up 15m track, cannot swap athletes mid length.  Can swap at each end.  Each length is worth 1 point.

Teams may swap athletes in and out of sled pulls and sled pushes as they see fit to maximise score

 Score = Total COMPLETED prowler push lengths + sled pulls 



This station is split into 2 areas.  There is a loaded carry medley and 1 assault bike per team.  Both medley and assault bike will be going simultaneously.  You choose who does what. Not all athletes have to do the medley or the assault bikes - you put your best team members where they should be and ... GO!  You can swap in and out between the medley and the assault bike athletes.  A full medley needs to be completed by one athlete.

Loaded carry / drag medley (one length each of) one athlete at a time doing the below up and down a 15 metre track -

Chain drag

4 x 2.5m of chain, joined with handle/ strap (weight - approx. 30kg)


Duck walk

Weight - 40kg women,  70kg men, mixed 50kg


Sandbag carry

Carry sand bag up the length of track

Weight - 30kg women, 50kg men, mixed 30kg


Yoke carry the length

weight - 80kg women,  120kg men, 90kg mixed teams

Round ends when yoke touches down, next athlete cannot start until full round is complete/ judges indication. Each complete round = 20 calories

While the above is going one, each team has 1 assault bike which will be going for full 5 minutes.

SCORE = maximum rounds at 20 calories per round + calories on assault bike