2019 London Winter Workout - Strongman Sally B

This workout featured at the very first London Winter Festival at Brunel University in February 2019.  This workout consisted of two parts, teams needed to separate their athletes based on tactics.  This is Strongman Sally PART B

 1RM FRONT SQUAT (3 Athletes - 2 male/1 female)

While 2 athletes are underway in Strongman Sally A (SEE HERE)

Three athletes will have 8 minutes to set a 1RM (1 Rep Max) front squat for the STRONGMAN SALLY (B) SCORE.

From minutes 0-8, these three athletes will have 8 minutes to each set a 1RM front squat.

Teams will have access to 1 male bar (20kg) - if they wish they can also use a female bar (15kg) rotating weights between bars between lifts.

SCORE = combined 1RM weight (3 Athletes score)


Front Squat - bar starts on the rack - once lifted off - hip crease goes below knee on the down movement. Hips and knees must be fully extended at top for a rep to count - VIDEO HERE

ATHLETES CAN NOT Cross arms to do a front squat. Bar must be in Front Rack Position. Once your rep has been complete, and judge calls REP - if you like - you are allowed to drop the bar.

If athletes are nearing the 8 minute time cap and still lifting, the athlete must fully complete the rep according to above standard for the rep to count if the siren goes, otherwise previous best lift will be your score.