2019 London Winter Workout - Strongman Sally A

This workout featured at the very first London Winter Festival at Brunel University in February 2019.  This workout consisted of two parts, teams needed to separate their athletes based on tactics.  This is Strongman Sally PART A. (Click HERE to read Strongman Sally B)

Athletes Team A - 2 athletes - must be 1 (one) male and 1 (one) female athlete

From minutes 0-2. Each team will get one (1) Olympic bar. Athletes will select the weight on the bar they think will maximise their below score. Weight is selected and bar loaded before workout begins. They will perform maximum partner deadlift reps in 120 seconds. Two athletes must be on the bar at all times. Athletes must synchro at top for it to be a valid rep. Must be one male and one female athlete doing deadlifts. Mixed teams will use the 20kg bar for their deadlifts.

DEADLIFT SCORE = Weight Chosen x Number of Reps

Minutes 2-3 - these two athletes will rest, and prepare for the below.

Minutes 3-8, these same two athletes will then perform maximum 40kg/60kg dballs over plyo box lifts (height of box is approximately 45inches or 115cm). Athletes will lift the Dball off the ground and the ball needs to get to the ground on the other side of the box. It may be rested on top of the plyo box and then pushed over or thrown over. The athlete will then need to get over the plyo box - they can jump, roll, swivel etc - as long as they go over the middle of the plyobox and touch the ground on the other side - for the rep to be complete. No other athlete can touch them, the box or the ball otherwise it will be a no rep.

The other athletes will be standing behind a line away from their plyo box (no other athlete may be touching the plyo box or touch the dball or the athlete performing the movement). In order to sub in and out from the dball overs, athletes must leave the ball at the plyo box, run over and tag their team mate, they can then move to begin dball overs.

NB – when jumping over the Plyo Box PLEASE be careful you don’t land on the ball as this is a quick way to roll/break your ankle


(Deadlift Weight x Reps) x Total D balls over plyo box

Please note STRONGMAN SALLY A & B will have separate scores your team will be ranked in.


Deadlifts - bar must touch the ground and both athletes must have full extension of hips and knees at the top of the lift and be synchro at the top before starting the next rep – VIDEO HERE

Plyo Box overs - no other athlete may touch the plyo box or dball unless they are the one performing the movement. A FULL rep is dball over the box plus jumping over and both feet hitting the ground. If just the dball goes over and you don't jump over, then change with another athlete this is a NO REP. In order to change athletes performing dballs, this must be done behind the line – VIDEO HERE

Plyo Box will be circa chest/mid riff height for most athletes