2018 Workout - Rev that engine

This workout is a combination of a chipper and all out engine.  Each team has access to - 

  • 2 x assault bikes
  • 2 x ski ergs

 2 athletes will start - one on ski erg and one on assault bike and begin collecting calories, the other 3 members will work together to complete the following chipper:

 9 Rope Climbs (or scaled is 5 burpees for every rope climb that can't be completed, burpees are chest and hips to floor, stand up, hips fully extended and knees locked out)

  • 63 Wall Balls (10ft high) – 3 different athletes must do 21 wall balls each. Ball must touch the target and then athlete catches. Before the ball is thrown again the athlete must squat with the ball in their hands and with hips going below knees. 
  • 36 SynchroAbMat Sit-ups – 3 people in synchro. Hands must touch ground behind head and shoulders touch the ground.  All 3 athletes must touch med ball in the middle in unison.  Athletes will be in a 'star' shape around one med ball.


Weights - wall ball weights are 9kg for men and 6kg for women. (Mixed teams will have access to both, but only one can be used at any time)

 The above must be done in order i.e. wall balls can't start until rope climbs are fully completed and so on.  Will be one rope and one wall ball per team.  

 You may sub in and out of the chipper at any given time to relieve an athlete on the assault bike or ski erg.

 As soon as athletes have finished all movements in the above chipper, the other two machines (1 assault bike and 1 ski erg) are “unlocked" for the team and they may now all begin working on the machines, swapping in and out as you please with the 'resting' athlete.