2018 Workout - Drover's Dog


5 minutes

Loaded carry walk or run.  Teams will get access to a number of sandbags.  The sandbags need to be carried from starting line up and back (approx 15m ) in order of weight i.e. for women, one athlete takes 30kg up and back, then next athlete takes 40kg up and back, next athlete takes 50kg up and back and then back down to 30kg and so on. 


Waiting athlete can have the next sandbag picked up and ready to be carried. Each length up and back is 1 point.


Women - 30kg, 40kg, 50kg.

Mixed - 30kg, 40kg, 60kg, 

Men - 40kg, 60kg, 75kg


For entire 5 minutes, weighted sled can move constantly - you can have more than one athlete pushing the sled if you like (same distance as sandbag carry).  The same athlete/s who start pushing the sled need to do the full up and back length - you can't have an athlete join halfway through a length. Each length up and back is one point.


SCORE = total sandbag lengths + total prowler lengths

NOTE – up AND back is 1 length