2018 Workout - Dead (Wo)Man Hanging

For the first 90 seconds of the workout, 4 athletes will hang from the rig frame.  The fifth athlete can sub on and off at any given time. If at any point there are less than 4 people hanging your team will lose 3 points.  When rotating hanging athletes, the resting athlete needs to be hanging on the rig before the other athlete drops or lose 3 points.

 At minute 01:30, the team will run over to two pre-loaded barbells. 

 Two athletes will complete 5 synchro deadlift reps - bar touching the ground and hips fully extended -  they will wheelbarrow push the bar to the other end of the track (approx 15m) and back again to the start where the next two athletes will complete their reps.  This will be continuous for the remaining time of the 5 min time cap.


Weights - Barbell deadlift weight for men is 90kg and women 50kg


SCORE = Complete synchro deadlift reps = 1 point + complete synchro push to the other side and back = 1 point, minus 3 points for any hang drops