Turf Games x SFA Expo 2023 - ATHLETE HANDBOOK


We are looking forward to being at the SFA Expo 2023 and welcoming you all to the Turf Games arena on Friday 19th May.

Please find below the key information you will need for the day. Please note this page will be updated between now and the event day so keep an eye out for key things like your heat times, workouts and more as they get updated.


We are excited to announce a big prize pool for all divisions across the 3 competitions. Click below to see what you will win if you podium



The SFA Expo is located at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Convention Centre.



We encourage you to bring along your friends, family and supporters to watch you compete. All spectators will need to purchase an entry ticket to the SFA Expo and can do this in advance HERE or at the entrance on the day.



When you arrive at the venue please head straight to the main Registration Desk at the entrance. Here you will need to show your Athlete Confirmation which you will have been emailed as an attachment. You will also be asked your name. Once you have shown and given these you will be allocated a wristband which will give you access to the venue.

Once inside please familiarise yourself with where the Turf Games arena is which is located in Let's Move (top left of the venue map above). You will need to be at the arena at least 30 minutes before your heat time so that you can register and warm up.



Your heat times will go live on Sunday 14th May. Click the relevant link below to find out when you and your team will be hitting the competition floor throughout the day. Please note these heat times may change slightly, so please check multiple times to ensure you have your times correct.




Thank you to all team leaders for setting up your team. If you are in a Pair or Team of 3, you MUST have your other team members added to your team on Team Aretas. This software acts as our scoring system so if your pair or team is not correctly set up you will not feature on the leaderboard.

By linking to the team you are also accepting the competition's online waiver. If you are not linked to the team and you compete then you will not have signed the waiver.

If you do need any assistance adding team members to your team please contact caroline@turfgames.com).



The workouts for all 3 competitions are live - see below:




There will be no formal workout briefings on the 19th. When workouts are released there will be videos and full descriptions attached. Please review these and ask any questions prior to the event or the Master Judge prior to your workout time. It is not your judge's roll to explain to you the entire workout - you should know what you're doing before you enter the workout arena and only have minor queries to ask if needed.



There will be a small athlete warm up area with a range of equipment. We ask that you do not use the warm up equipment unless you are in the next two heats. There is limited equipment and space so please share and be patient.



In terms of what you can and can't wear when working out.  

  • Athletes CAN wear - knee and elbow supports, weightlifting belts, chalk, lifting shoes, wrist straps, palm grips
  • Athletes CAN'T wear - Anything that attaches to a bar to aid grip or strength (except palm grips for TTB). Gloves cannot be worn on any workout.
  • From a foot wear perspective, the workouts will be a mix of tests so if you like - please bring running shoes, lifting shoes, training shoes.
  • Please do bring knee sleeves if you wish


We want to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day so if you have any concerns or injuries please speak to your judge or one of the TURF GAMES staff. If you are feeling light headed or unwell please let someone know as soon as possible so we can ensure you get recovered and can enjoy the day. Please stay hydrated.



All podium (1st, 2nd and 3rd) athletes will receive a Turf Games medal, a winner's board and there will be prizes awarded from SFA Expo partners and sponsors (see link above).



RESPECT THE JUDGES. The majority of Crew & Judges have given up their time to come along and make sure the event runs smoothly. We are determined to make this an incredible day for everyone involved. Should you have any concerns about the workouts, judging etc on the day, please speak to your judge or master judge in a calm and respectful way. Lee Phillips is Head Judge and he will have any final say.

LISTEN FOR INSTRUCTIONS. If you can listen out for any directions or timings on the day. We will provide you with where and when you need to be somewhere so please do adhere to the schedule.

ATHLETE RESPONSIBILTY. Athletes are expected to cooperate with judges and event organizers during competition. They must be prepared to display the correct movement standards and take responsibility for their own performance. The goal of a Turf Games competition and the judges is NOT to find the craftiest athlete who can blur the line between what is technically acceptable, and what is not. The majority of people have competed at a fitness competition before and should understand what is acceptable and what would be deemed to be ‘cutting corners’ in a workout. It is not the judges role to explain to you the entire workout prior to beginning your workout – ask questions yes, but please read the workout, watch the video and ask any questions either before the event or on the day before you arrive to your workout.

SCORING. Scoring throughout the day will be via a 'Rank' based system i.e. lowest points wins. So if you come 1st in a workout you will get 1 point, 20th will get 20 points. If for any reason teams are tied on points after the heats, the tie will be broken by a count back system where the team with the highest number of 'better finishes' in the events, will finish higher. 

BROKEN EQUIPMENT DURING A WORKOUT. During a workout, if a piece of equipment a team is using breaks - i.e. ski erg/tank etc - the team will have the option to use the replacement equipment if available and continue on with the workout. Or at the end of all the workouts, if time permits, the team will have the option to redo the workout.

RUBBISH. If you take any bottles/food/chalk etc into a workout arena, please take it out at the end - please leave the arena as you found it, ready for the next team. Please place any rubbish in the bins provided.

We are passionate about making the Turf Games a high standard, competitive, but fun event.