Welcome to the Turf Games Singapore!

We are so excited to have you join us at the first Singapore Turf games help in partnership with the SVNS!

We have over 650 athletes competing across the weekend.

We know without you, the event would not be possible, and we appreciate your support, time and commitment. We really hope you have a fun experience and we will do our best to ensure you have a memorable time!


This document contains all the information you will need for the event. Please make sure you read through everything and don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you need to.


Please could you join this group so that we can communicate with you across the weekend.




Dates: Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2024

Arrival Times: 8.30am (Saturday) / 8am (Sunday)

Location: Level 3, National Singapore Stadium



The Singapore Turf Games takes place alongside the HSBC SVNS tournament at the Singapore National Stadium.

The Turf Games competition will be hosted on Level 3. Please find entry guidance below:

If you are bringing any food or drinks into the event with you (includes all supplements, small snacks, fruit etc) you can only enter the stadium via the main OCBC Aquatic Centre entrance (see map below).

Entry to Level 3 will be via the OCBC Aquatic Centre drop off point. This will be the ONLY entrance Turf Games participants can use if they want to bring in food and beverage items. If you use any of the other security check-point entrances, you will need to go through security checks and will be told to remove all prohibited food and beverage items before entering

- If you are NOT bringing in any food/drink, you are able to go through GA entrances and follow wayfinding. See alternative entrance on the map below.

- From Level 1, patrons are able to access Level 3 through a fully barricaded walkway, please do not worry when you see the barricaded walkway as it's meant to demarcate a non-secure walking pathway. The perforated red line in the map below indicates the walkway.

- Signage will be placed to guide participants of the route.

- Video link of how to get from the entrance to the hard courts



Start and end times for each day are listed as a general outline, there will be breaks and adjustments made day to day by your Master Judge or Head Crew and depending on your role. Each team varies slightly in start and completion times.

Saturday 4th May - DAY 1

Arrival Time: 8.30am

First Heat: 9.15am

Last Heat: 4pm


Sunday 5th May - DAY 2

Arrival Time: 8am

First Heat: 9.15am

Last Heat: 4pm


  • When you arrive at the main entrance follow the signs to the Turf Games area as show in the map above
  • Once inside the Turf Games area you will see 2 marquees to the right. The smaller for the 2 is the Staff Tent. Please head straight to this tent when you arrive.
  • In the Staff Tent you will be able to leave your belongings and receive your judge uniform. This tent will be manned all day so you can leave your things here while you are judging.
  • Once you have checked in and are in your uniform you can wait here to be collected by your Master Judge 


As part of your volunteer package you will receive the following:

  • Top and shorts - from our apparel partner Adidas
  • Turf Games socks
  • Drinks, snacks and food
  • Turf training programme

We require all volunteers to wear the top provided as this will identify you as part of the volunteer team throughout the weekend. Please could you wear black bottoms of your choice.

Adidas have asked that if you take any images over the weekend of you in your Adidas uniform and share these on social media could you kindly add the following #adidasSG @adidasSG.

If you are volunteering on both days then we will have allocated you a second top for your second day however we suggest bringing your Day 1 top back just in case for any reason we have run out of your size… however we hope this will not be necessary.

Adidas are providing shorts for you, however please arrive wearing black bottoms of your choice in case you are not comfortable in what is provided.

Please wear comfortable footwear of your choice.

Feel free to bring a bum bag or similar if you’d like to carry any personal possessions around with you throughout the event. You will not be able to have your bags/backpacks in the arenas with you.


  • Judges will receive multiple breaks throughout the day
  • You will receive a main meal for lunch
  • Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options will be available however if you have other diet restrictions, we recommend you bring additional meals and/or snacks.


In the lead up to the competition, all communication will be sent to volunteers via email from Please make sure you are subscribed to receive these emails.

During the event days we will move to Whatsapp as per the link above for easier and faster communication while on site.


As a volunteer for Turf Games, we see you as part of the team and hope that you also see yourself as integral to the running of a great event. As such you will have a direct impact on the success of the competition. Therefore we ask that you:

  • Show up on time and be ready to help out
  • Follow protocol, rules, and procedures for your role and listen to directions from your Master Judge or Head Crew
  • Dress according to the dress code
  • Keep a positive attitude and level head even when things become heated on the competition floor (particularly with athletes)
  • Be confident and bold in your role - if there is anything you are unsure about please ask so we can solve it
  • Communicate with the team about anything you want to flag whether its personal or something you’ve noticed
  • Be flexible, you may be asked to do something else as it may be needed or to cover for someone
  • Provide the best service possible! As part of the Turf Games team, our goal is to deliver great service and a great event to all athletes, spectators, and everyone else involved
  • Smile and have fun!


We have a medical team on site throughout the weekend to assist with any injuries or situations related to athletes or volunteers. In the first instance please speak to your Master Judge if you see an injury occur or you are feeling unwell or experience an injury and they will assist you in contacting medical staff where needed.



You will be assigned a workout ahead of the event and supplied with the workout details and the videos to watch to familiarize yourself with the movement standards.

You can view the workouts HERE.


You will be assigned to your role ahead of the event. All crew will work in teams and rotate in pairs throughout the day.

  • Registration - you are responsible for checking teams/athletes in from first thing in the morning. Once all athletes are in you will be checking Spectator Tickets if they have pre bought and selling if they haven't. All attendees need to be wristbanded so you will need to check this as people move in and out of the venue past the registration point.
  • Crew Room - this is where all volunteers will leave their bags/belongings and we need it manned throughout the day. You will need to check volunteers' names off as they come in and give them their uniform. There will be food and snacks provided which need to be laid out and replenished.
  • Marshalls - you will be needed on various workouts to ensure athletes run the right way and are safe crossing paths etc. You will be directed to your position by the judging team