We can't wait to welcome you all to the Turf at the 2024 Singapore Turf Games in partnership with HSBC SVNS.

Please find below key information for the weekend. Please note this page will be updated between now and the event day so keep checking back for key things like your heat times, workouts and more as they get updated.  


The Singapore Turf Games takes place alongside the HSBC SVNS tournament at the Singapore National Stadium.

SVNS will send you a specific ticket that you will require for entering the stadium. This will be emailed to all team captains ahead of the event.

The Turf Games competition will be hosted on Level 3. Please find entry guidance below.

You need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your heat time and please allow an additional 15/20 minutes to get from the stadium entrance to the Turf Games area.

If you are bringing any food or drinks into the event with you (includes all supplements, small snacks, fruit etc) you can only enter the stadium via the main OCBC Aquatic Centre entrance (see map below).

Entry to Level 3 will be via the OCBC Aquatic Centre drop off point. This will be the ONLY entrance Turf Games participants can use if they want to bring in food and beverage items. If you use any of the other security check-point entrances, you will need to go through security checks and will be told to remove all prohibited food and beverage items before entering

- Competitors NOT bringing in any food/drink, are able to go through GA entrances and follow wayfinding. See alternative entrance on the map below.

- From Level 1, patrons are able to access Level 3 through a fully barricaded walkway, please do not worry when you see the barricaded walkway as it's meant to demarcate a non-secure walking pathway. The perforated red line in the map below indicates the walkway.

- Video link of how to get from the entrance to the hard courts

- Signage will be placed to guide participants of the route. The signs will look like this.



- Thank you to all team captains for setting up your team. All teams MUST have 4 athletes linked to it on Team Aretas which is or scoring software; if your team is not correctly set up you will not feature on the leader board.

- The 4 athletes linked to your team MUST be the 4 competing on the day; by linking to the team you are accepting the competition online waiver. If you are not linked to the team and you compete then you will not have signed the waiver.

- You can sub in team members up until check in on the event day.

- Team names can not be changed. 

- Once inside the stadium and you have followed the directions to the Turf Games area as per the map above, you will see the Turf Games Registration desk. This is where you will need to check in for the competition.

Please approach the registration desk and provide your team name. Once checked in you will be given 4 athlete wristbands which you must wear throughout the day. Only one team member needs to check your team in and take the wristbands however you must be wearing your wristband to enter the workout arena's so please ensure these are put on.


Heat times are now live. Click the relevant link below to find out when you and your team will be hitting the comp floor throughout the day. Please note these heat times may change slightly, so please check multiple times to ensure you have your times correct.




Teams, you will be in the SAME heat and same lane number for each of your workouts. Please look at your heats in the link above and in the first two columns is this information. Take a note so when you enter the arena for the start of each heat



You have been given your first workout start times. Notes - 
  • Teams can only enter the athlete / warmup area and bag drop 30 minutes prior to their start time. Teams cannot use the barbells and lifting platforms for warmup until 30mins prior to their Lift Off workout start time
  • Athletes and spectators are allowed into the Turf Games area throughout the day to watch
  • Following each workout, teams will have a 30min break
  • Teams will start on different workouts
  • Following the completion of your third workout - your workouts are complete... thanks for taking part in Turf Games Singapore. Athletes will need to return to the warm up area and collect their bags and exit the athlete tent, ready for the next block of athletes to arrive


When you pass through the Registration Desk into the Turf Games area you will see a large marquee ahead. This is the Athlete Area where you can leave your belongings while competing.


There is a water refill station for you to refill water bottles. While these have an unlimited supply of water, they can be slow to fill and the queues may be long. We advise bringing as much water with you as you can. Bottled water can also be bought on site.


Photographers will be on site all weekend to capture you and your team. Images will be available after the event and you will be notified as to where you can view them.


Entry tickets for the Singapore Turf Games must be purchased through the SVNS website HERE.

We encourage you to bring along your cheer squad to enjoy the day. Anyone who isn’t in your team will need to purchase a spectator ticket. It is not permitted to bring dogs into the venue unless they are service dogs and are clearly marked. The owners will be responsible for any mess or damage.


The workouts are live and available to view on the link below:


There will be no formal workout briefings on the 4/5th. If you need to ask questions please direct these to your Master Judge prior to your workout time. However, it is not your judge's role to explain to you the entire workout - you should know this when you enter the workout arena.


Athlete Check in is from 8.15am - athletes to arrive and at least one athlete per team needs to register with the Registration desk, collect your wristbands and make your way into the venue once all athletes have their wristbands on.

Saturday 4th May
9.15am - First Heat
4.00pm - All Heats Finished

Sunday5th May

9.15am - First Heat
4.00pm - All Heats Finished


There is one main Athlete Warm Up area and one Recovery Area. Please use these before and after your your workouts. We ask that you do not use the warm up equipment unless you are in the next two heats - i.e. heat 2 has just started and you are in heat 3 or 4. There is limited equipment so please share and be patient and please replace all equipment after using ready for the next person.


There will be vendors in the main stadium areas selling refreshments. Within the Turf Games area we will also have a number of partner and brands selling or promoting their products for you to engage with.

Key Partners:

TRIBAL - Official Equipment Partner

REVL - Official Training Partner

ADIDAS - Official Apparel Partner


Please note the following:  

  • Athletes CAN wear - knee and elbow supports, weightlifting belts, chalk, lifting shoes, wrist straps, grips (like picsil, frog grips etc)
  • There will be no chalk provided. If you need chalk please do bring along
  • Athletes CAN'T wear - anything that attaches/wraps around a bar to aid grip or strength. Gloves cannot be worn on any workout.
  • From a foot wear perspective, the workouts will be a mix of tests so if you like - please bring running shoes, lifting shoes, training shoes.
  • The floor is concrete so please do bring knee sleeves if you wish


We are proud to be partnering with Tribal as the Official Equipment Supplier of the Turf Games Singapore. All ergs will be supplied by Concept2.

During a workout, if a piece of equipment a team is using breaks - i.e. ski erg/tank etc - the team will have the option to use the replacement equipment if available and continue on with the workout. Or at the end of all the heats the team will have the option to redo the workout.


We want to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day so if you have any concerns or injuries please speak to your judge or one of the TURF GAMES staff.  If you are feeling light headed or unwell please let someone know as soon as possible so we can ensure you get recovered and can enjoy the day. Please stay hydrated.
We will be providing a recovery area for all athletes to make running repairs throughout the day. There will be physio’s / sports massage therapists on site for quick treatments.

Again, like previous events, while these brands are here to support you at the event, we do ask that you respect their time and other athletes and only use them for specific/limited requirements and times.


    RESPECT THE JUDGES. The majority of Crew & Judges have given up their time to come along and help make sure the event runs smoothly. We are determined to make this an incredible day for everyone involved. Should you have any concerns about the workouts, judging etc on the day, please speak to your judge or master judge in a calm and respectful way. Lee Phillips is Head Judge and he will have final say on any disputes.

    LISTEN FOR DIRECTIONS. If you can listen out for any directions, instructions or timings on the day. We will provide you with where and when you need to be somewhere so please do adhere to the schedule.

    ARENA & WARM UP ETIQUETTE. If you take any bottles etc into a workout arena or warm up area, please take it out at the end - please leave the arena/area as you found it, ready for the next team. Also, please place any rubbish in the bins provided.

    ATHLETE RESPONSIBILTY. Athletes are expected to cooperate with judges and event organizers during competition. They must be prepared to display the correct movement standards and take responsibility for their own performance.

    The goal of a Turf Games competition and the judges is NOT to find the craftiest athlete who can blur the line between what is technically acceptable, and what is not. The majority of people have competed at a fitness competition before and should understand what is acceptable and what would be deemed to be ‘cutting corners’ in a workout.

    It is not the judges roll to explain to you the entire workout prior to beginning your workout – ask questions yes, but please read the workout, watch the video and ask any questions either before the event or on the day before you arrive to your workout.

    SCORING. Scoring throughout the day will be via a 'Rank' based system i.e. lowest points wins. So if you come 1st in a workout you will get 1 point, 20th will get 20 points. 

    If for any reason teams are tied on points after the heats, the tie will be broken by a count back system where the team with the highest number of 'better finishers' in the events, will finish higher.

    We are passionate about making the Turf Games a high standard, competitive, but fun event.