The countdown is well and truly on, and we can't wait to see everyone on the TURF at the Gold Coast Rec Centre on 1/2nd October 2022.  Please find below all the athlete information you will need for the Summer Festival weekend.


We are opening our athlete registration on Friday 30th September from 4.30pm until 6.15pm at the Gold Coast Recreation Centre. Only one team member needs to attend to check your team in and receive your athlete wristbands. Once you've checked in, you will not need to queue to check in on Saturday morning. You can simply show your wristband at the entrance desk and you will be allowed straight into the venue. All athletes MUST be wearing a wristband in order to enter the venue.


The flipside to being in such an amazing location and beautiful part of the Gold Coast - there is very limited parking at the venue. Tallebudgera Creek is an extremely popular part of the Goldie.  We would strongly advise advise getting a taxi / uber to the venue. Otherwise there is limited parking available in the streets surrounding the venue.  You can chance your luck and try the public car parks on site.  Please arrive at the venue with enough time to park and walk to site.  There is no designated athlete / event parking on site unfortunately.  If you are driving, please car pool as much as possible.  The Gold Coast Highway, is busy, please take precautions crossing the road when arriving at the location.

If catching a taxi or getting dropped off, please get dropped off in the public carpark outside Custard Canteen.


Heat times are now live for Saturday ONLY, click below for your division and find your team.  Please disregard any times on the website TEAM ARETAS - the times you are working out are in the below links.  Please arrive at the arena at least 10 minutes before your start time.






We will be opening athlete check in Friday Night 30th September between 4.30pm and 6.15pm.  If you can make it work, we would advise coming to site Friday night, checking your team in, collecting your wristbands so you are ready to go come Saturday morning. Only 1 athlete needs to come and check the team in and collect all the teams wristbands, not all 6 athletes need to be present to check the team in.

Those who already have their wristbands will be able to walk straight in Saturday morning and avoid the queues of 800 other athletes checking in.

If you can't make Friday, athlete check in will open 7.10am Saturday morning.  Teams will have staggered heat times for their first workout.  We do ask that you arrive no more than 80 minutes before your first heat to avoid large queues forming on Saturday.


We are excited to have Grenade as our major partner for this year's event.  No doubt you have seen their bars around gyms or shops in Australia - if you haven't you will be able to sample all their products at our event in the unreal set up they are bringing.

Their protein bars are high in protein (22-25g), low in sugar (less than 2g), covered in European chocolate making it the ideal sweet snack for any time of day. Their protein shakes are very high in protein (25g), low in sugar, vegetarian and lactose free. These are the perfect snack for any time of day, but especially good after a workout as they are delicious and ready-to-drink.


Please see your Heat times above.

Everyday Teams - Saturday Only

Teams will compete in 4 workouts on Saturday.  All teams first workouts will start between 8.30am and 9.12am.  All workouts will be finished between 4.10pm and 4.52pm.  Everyday podium will be at 5.50pm Saturday night.

Elite + Intermediate Teams - will compete in 4 workouts on Saturday + 3 workouts on Sunday.

  • On Saturday, all teams first workouts will start between 8.30am and 10.15am.  All workouts will be finished between 3.55pm and 5.40pm.
  • All teams Sunday first workouts will start between 7.30am and 9.40am.  All workouts will be finished by 11.44am and 1.25pm.  

The top 4 Elite teams only, will qualify for a FINAL workout at 1.40pm on Sunday.   This will not be a 'winner takes all' final but rather an opportunity to earn double points to move up (or down) the leaderboard.   Intermediate + Elite Podiums will be at 2.00pm Sunday.

*PLEASE NOTE - the 6 athletes who take to the Turf for your first workout on Saturday, MUST be the same 6 athletes who take part in ALL workouts.  There is no subbing of team members allowed.  Elite / Intermediate teams - you can NOT change athletes between Saturday and Sunday.  If any team subs in an athlete due to injury/absence or any other reason, the team can complete workouts, however, they will not receive their score uploaded to the leaderboard.  




Workouts will go live - 

  • EVERYDAY DIVISION - Wednesday 21st @ 9am
  • INTERMEDIATE DIVISION - Thursday 22nd @ 9am
  • ELITE DIVISION - Friday 23rd @ 9am

They can be found HERE

There will be no workout briefing on the day. All workouts, when released, will have full description and explanation videos.  Please watch and re-watch these when they are released. We will give an opportunity to ask any questions about workouts on Instagram leading into the event or you can message / email through.  Make sure you are practicing correct movement standards in the lead up to the event so come Game Day, your no reps are limited!

If you would like to practice any past workouts, you can click these links below and then choose the mixed teams workouts for London or everyday / elite for Dubai


London 2022 Workouts - select mixed everyday / intermediate or elite. 

Dubai 2021 Workouts 


Below are the times the venue opens and closes each day.  You can arrive from these times, check your team in and get ready for the day.

  • 4.30pm until 6.15pm Friday 30/09 for Athlete check in only
  • 7.00am until 6.30pm on Saturday 01 October
  • 6.30am until 3pm on Sunday 02 October


The home of the Turf Games Gold Coast 2022 is the Gold Coast Recreation Centre, 1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach QLD 4221, Australia.


If you are an athlete and are wanting to come and spectate on days other than the one you are competing on (everyday athletes), you will NOT need to buy a spectator ticket - you will need to show your athlete wristband. You can check in and get these when you arrive for the first time at the venue.

Spectator tickets for your friends and family are now live - get your cheer squad together so they can support you throughout the day - CLICK HERE for tickets.


The official Turf Games Gold Coast Summer Festival will be held at Cali Beach in Surfers Paradise.  This will start from 4pm until late.  All athletes and spectator who are wearing a Turf Games wristband will get access to the club and also a free drink (beer or basic spirit) upon entry  For those that are interested, the NRL Grand Final will be on the big screen at the venue in our area.  See info HERE


In between your workouts or on the days you're not competing, you can also enjoy what our vendor village has to offer. There will be a range of food available from coffee, to burgers, sweet treats and more.

Our partners Grenade, LSKD and Red Bull will be sampling and selling product all weekend. We will also have a range of other brands on site including - Budgy Smuggler, Shine Drink, Athletic Sport, Gorilla Health, FITAID, Auki and charity LIVIN.

With tunes playing from the live Red Bull DJ stag, hundreds of people enjoying the atmosphere and workouts, the 2022 Gold Coast Summer Festival is not to be missed.


When arriving at the venue, please enter via the entrance next to the Custard Canteen entrance near the creek.  There will be no entry via the Tallebudgera SLSC end.  A full site map will be released in September.


There is very limited parking at the venue.  Tallebudgera Creek is an extremely popular part of the Goldie.  We would advise getting a taxi / uber to the venue. Otherwise there is parking available in the streets surrounding the venue or you can try the public car parks on site.  There is no designated athlete / event parking on site unfortunately.


In the right side of the above white building, will be the main athlete area.  This will be a covered, safe place to leave your bag and belongings throughout the day.  This is a wooden floor so please do bring any blankets / cushions if you like to sit on something.  It is polished wood so no chairs or anything that will scratch the floor.  There will also be loads of chill out space on the grass and in our recovery areas, see below.

On the left side of the above pic, opening up onto the field is the athlete warm up area - a fully kitted out gym to warm up for your workouts.


We will have a recovery area with multiple physio, massage therapists and strappers on hand to sort out any niggles. This will be free to use across the weekend for all athletes.

Hyperice, alongside Recovery Lab will be on site all weekend with ice baths, compression boots, massage guns and stretching areas for athletes to use each day..

Over the weekend we will also have trained first aid staff in attendance. We know how hard some of you work out and compete, so please do what you can to prepare and recover for the big day.

Please stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids on the day. There will be plenty of water points around the venue - both to fill up your water bottle and to purchase.  Please wear plenty of sunscreen and a hat if you wish.

We want to make sure everyone has a super enjoyable day so if you have any concerns or injuries please speak to your judge or one of the TG staff. If you are feeling light headed or unwell please let someone know as soon as possible so we can ensure you get recovered and can enjoy the day. 



Champs - $3,000aud
2nd Place - $1,500aud
3rd Place - $500aud


Champs - Partner Prize Pack
2nd Place - Partner Prize Pack
3rd Place - Partner Prize Pack


Champs - Partner prize pack
2nd Place - Partner Prize Pack
3rd Place - Partner Prize Pack


In terms of what you can and can't wear when working out.  

  • Athletes CAN wear - knee and elbow supports, weightlifting belts, chalk, lifting shoes, wrist straps, sunglasses, palm grips for any pull up bar workouts.  
  • Athletes CAN'T wear - anything that wraps around a bar to aid grip or strength, gloves.  No over the palm grips for any barbell workouts.
  • Glass is prohibited inside the venue.

DRINKING WATER - there will be numerous areas around the venue to refill your water bottle.  We are trying to reduce plastic and waste - so if you do bring or buy a bottle of water on the day - please make sure you drink it all and don't leave half filled in the arena.  We would encourage you to bring a reusable bottle and refill throughout the day.


Address: 1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach QLD 4221, Australia.


There is very limited parking at the venue.  We would advise getting a taxi / uber to the venue. if you are going to drive,  there is parking available in the streets surrounding the venue or you can try the public car parks on site.


Drive into the Gold Coast Rec Centre public car park you can get dropped off by the entrance before making your way to athlete check in


Please ensure ALL 6 athletes are linked to your team as soon as possible on Team Aretas.  We will be sending out a lot of information in the coming weeks and ideally all team members will receive the info so they are kept up to date.

You will not be able to compete on the day without all 6 team members linked.

Athletes will receive wristbands on the day when they register. Please wear this while you are at the venue.


Want to roll out of bed onto the Turf? There is some accommodation available on site at the venue - if you are interested in this please find more information HERE


On each station in the arenas, the judge will have the scoresheet where your teams score will be written. At the end of your workout on that station, you need to check that the score written next to your team name is accurate and sign the scoresheet - this is then final and will be uploaded to our live leaderboard.

We do advise that you check the live leaderboard on Team Aretas throughout the day to ensure your score has been uploaded correctly. If it hasn't please make your way to the master judge in the appropriate arena to query.

Please note, until ALL teams in your category (i.e. mixed teams) have completed the workout, your points are going to fluctuate.


During a workout, if a piece of equipment a team is using breaks - i.e. ski erg/rower etc - the team will have the option to use the replacement equipment if available and continue on with the workout. Or at the end of all the workouts and before the finals, the team will have the option to redo the workout. If they choose to do this, they will not get any extra 'rest' time should they qualify for the finals.


RESPECT THE JUDGES.  The majority of staff have given up there time to come along and make sure the event runs smoothly. We are determined to make this an incredible day for everyone involved. Should you have any concerns about the workouts, judging etc on the day, please speak to your judge or master judge in a calm and respectful way.  

Please listen out for any directions, instructions or timings on the day. We will provide you where and when you need to be somewhere so please do adhere to the schedule. If you take any water bottles etc into a workout arena, please take it out at the end. Also, please place any rubbish in the bins provided.

We are passionate about making the Turf Games a high standard, competitive but fun event.