Cape Town 2023

We are excited to be bringing the Turf Games to Cape Town in December 2023, in partnership with HSBC SVNS. This destination has been on our wish list for some time and we can't wait to finally bring the competition to South African TURF and meet the incredible fitness community.


The 2023 Cape Town event will be held over the weekend of 9th + 10th December and will form part of the HSBC SVNS Cape Town Tournament weekend.


The best entry point for the Turf Games is through gate T2.  Turf Games is located on the below map where it says HAMILTON'S CRICKET OVAL  - which is also called Green Point Cricket Club.


Want to come watch all the action on the TURF and support your community? Your ticket to the SVNS not only includes all in the action at Turf Games, it also gets you a seat inside the stadium to watch all the rugby as well.



All athletes who sign up to take part in the Turf Games will also get guaranteed seats in the main stadium included in your entry price on your competing day to watch all the HSBC SVNS rugby action all day in between your workouts and then into the early evening - TURF + SVNS - doesn't get much better!

Please find all the relevant information below. 


Turf Games is a team based functional fitness competition. Having started in London in 2018, we now host competitions all over the world including Dubai, Sydney, Gold Coast, London, Dublin and more. With more than 10,000 athletes having taken part in a Turf Games comp in 2023, we are buzzing to get to South Africa and finish the year off in style!  

How is it different to a CF comp? The workout tests that we programme are all built around teamwork - how to use your team's strengths and weaknesses - to maximise your score - all whilst having fun! The core of the workouts are based around - strength, conditioning and power. We don't programme any high skilled gymnastics or complex olympic lifting movements. You won't be seeing any hand stands, muscle ups, overhead squats, max barbell 1RM snatches - just good old fashioned hard work and determination. The workouts will be fun, hard and rewarding all at the same time. You've been training at the gym, now it's time to put all that into practise on the Turf surrounded by the fitness community.

Who enters a Turf Games? We have 3 divisions to choose from, based on your level and why you want to take part. All over the world we get people entering from their local hiit studios, F45's, functional fitness gyms, 'globo' gyms, all the way to CF Boxes.

Below is a guide on movement standards and also what division you should enter. Any questions please drop an email.

We guarantee it will be the best weekend of fitness you have ever had!


The workout are now live and can be seen by clicking HERE


Saturday 9th December and Sunday 10th December 2023


Green Point Cricket Club - 111 Vlei Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa. 


Teams will comprise 4 athletes and must be made up of 2 male + 2 females

There will be 3 Divisions to enter (please find below further information on which division to enter below): 

  • Everyday
  • Intermediate
  • Elite 


SATURDAY - GAME DAY 1 - 9th December

Saturday 09/12, heats from 9am until 5pm, teams competing will be

  • Everyday + Intermediate + Elite teams

SUNDAY - GAME DAY 2 - 10th December

Sunday 10/12, heats from 9am until 2.30pm, teams competing will be

  • Intermediate + Elite Teams only


    Elite teams
    1st - 20,000rand
    2nd - 15,000rand
    3rd - 7,500rand

    Intermediate + Everyday Teams

    The winning teams from these divisions will win a partner prize pack each


    HSBC SVNS Rugby Stadium Ticket included - TURF + SVNS - All athletes who sign up will also get tickets to the main stadium on your competing day - valued at 350 Rand / day - to watch all the HSBC SVNS action.

    Team entry will be:

    • Everyday Teams - 4,600 Rand (4 athletes @ 1,150 / athlete)
    • Intermediate + Elite Teams - 5,600 Rand (4 athletes @ 1,400 / athlete)

    *Team entry is non-refundable unless the event date is changed or the event is cancelled  


    When team entry goes live, all you need to do is buy your team by clicking the link that will appear at the top of this page, or below. It isn't required that you know, or link your other 3 athletes to the team upon purchase - this can be done at a later date.

    Step by step guide

    • Click the below link
    • Click on the division you may want to enter. Have a read then hit 'Buy Tickets'
    • Find your division - HSBC SVNS Everyday Competition Package or HSBC SVNS Elite Competition Package or HSBC SVNS Intermediate Competition Package
    • Hit the '+' which will default to '4' and then Find tickets
    • Then tick the tick box and sign into, or create your ticketmaster account

     Once you purchase your team entry from the HSBC SVNS page, within 4 days, you will receive an email from Turf Games with details of how to set your team up on our competition software - Team Aretas. Any questions - please email 

    Can I buy multiple teams? Short answer is YES! If you want to buy multiple teams for your gym and bring your whole community you can do this when purchasing the entry. However, when you go to set up your team on Team Aretas, you will need to set up an account. An account can only enter 1 team per event. You will need to allocate a 'captain' to each team to set up. You can change team mates and captains right up until the day before the comp starts on 9th December. 


    Everyday teams will compete in 4 workouts across the Saturday. Intermediate + Elite teams will compete in minimum of 6 workouts across the two day comp. Workouts will be released up to 3 weeks before the event.


    We are excited to be parting with Rebel Elite Fitness for the 2023 event.  They will be supplying all the equipment as well as the Concept2 machines across the weekend.



    The below weights are assuming you can perform multiple reps at these weights (5-8 reps)


    The list above is a guide only and is not exhaustive, the listed movements may or may not appear in the comp. There may be other movements like 4 person worm movements, different barbell movements plus more included in the workouts.

    Please note there will NOT be, in any division - muscle ups, HSPU, handstand walks, butterfly or kipping pull ups, barbell overhead squats.


    Below is an outline of the Everyday, Intermediate and Elite Divisions and guidance on which one you should enter. We ask that you respect these divisions and enter the appropriate one for your team's ability and level of functional fitness. On the below link there is also some information around doping and people serving a ban from any other sporting body.  Please read in the division guidance link below

    CLICK HERE for Division Guidance Information

    Once again please respect the divisions and ensure that your team enters the right one to make it a fair and fun competition for all. Any eligibility questions or queries on which team you should enter, please email


    Your Heat Times will go live for each division two weeks prior to the event. Teams will have between 90mins - 120 mins between workouts - time to head into the stadium and watch all the SVNS action, as well as the rest of the weekends festivities. 


    We are looking for a team of volunteers to join the Turf Team in Cape Town. Our events would not be what they are without our incredible teams of volunteers in each country we visit and we are looking forward to having the same in South Africa. All volunteers receive drinks, snacks and food all weekend as well as a Turf Games top. If you're keen to join the Turf Team as a judge or crew member please click HERE to find out more and register your details and we'll be in touch with you soon.