Well that was BIG - what a day! Turf Games Down Under was all that we imagined plus more.  72 Athletes lined up from Sydney's top gyms and London's finest athletes who had made their way across the world. 9 men's teams and 8 female teams went head to head across 5 workouts to be crowned the champs in what was dubbed the 'ASHES OF FITNESS'.

On had to fuel the athletes during the event was Bodyscience supplements and ice baths, Under Armour had kitted out the London teams and fitness app Esquared had partnered with us to deliver the phenomenal day - oh and post recovery protein shakes were provided by Bondi Beach Beer ;)


Women - 

1st - F45 Represent - 7 pts
2nd - Chocolate Box Training  - 13pts
3rd - London's Leading Ladies - 23pts


1st - London Team Black - 13 pts
2nd - Befit Training Men - The Slugs - 17pts (2nd on count back)
3rd - London Team - 17pts

Which mean the ASHES ledger stands at UK 1 - AUS 1.  Looks like round 2 is on the cards.


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Below are 4 of the workouts from the day.  The final was a waterfall style, 8 GTOH, 10 burpee box jump overs into a team 2km row.

WORKOUT 1 is Cardio Hardio

On go, your team has to complete in the 15 minute time cap –
 1) 40 burpees to plate (broken up between your team)
2) 1km Ski Erg (broken up amongst your team)
3) 800m run  (all the team to do this)
4) 1km Ski Erg
5) 40 burpees to plate

On go, 1 bike is unlocked, in order to unlock the other bike, you must work through the below in order
1) 70 box jump overs – 20/24 inch box
2) 60 DB snatch at 15kg/22.5kg alternating below eye height
3) 30 American Kettle Bell Swings at 16kg/32kg
4) 20 synchro butterfly situps with 2 athletes
5) 10 Barbell Thrusters at 30kg/50kg
Once finished second bike is unlocked
SCORE = Total CALS on both bikes


Athletes Team A - 2 athletes
From minutes 0-2 – Maximum reps chosen weight dead lifts
From minutes 4-8 - 40kg dballs over plyo box lifts.   
SCORE = (deadlift weight x reps) x total dball lift reps
Athlete Team B – 3/2 Athletes
From minutes 0-6 – These athletes have 6 minutes to each set a 1RM front squat.
From 6-8 minutes – these athlete can move to help their team on Dballs for remaining time
Score = combined 1RM weight




 On go, 3/2 athletes must rack the KB's in tailpipe front rack hold.

 1 Round - 8 x GTOH @ 30kg/50kg, into 1 length of the track up and back of farmers carries

 PENALTIES -  if the KB's come out of the tailpipe rack hold (i.e you drop them down from chest height), your team will lose 0.25 of a round.

SCORE = Total complete rounds + unfinished rounds - KB drops




After the success of our first International City Series event in New York earlier this year, we thought it would be great to expand on this idea and take the concept to another fitness mecca.  Sydney, Australia was an easy choice.  

Fitness is a way of life in Australia and the functional fitness scene is huge.  On 17th November, 13 athletes representing TEAM LDN, will take on the might of the best Sydney can throw at us.  There will be 8 guys teams and 8 girls teams in total battling it out.  The location, at what can only be called a fitness lovers heaven - Chocolate Box Training.  



Chocolate Box Training (CBT) on Sydney's Northern Beach, Dee Why to be exact, has everything plus some - anyone into fitness needs and wants.  Indoor track, loads of ergs, lifting platforms, rigs, all the fun strong man toys - you name it, they have it.  We are super excited to partner with CBT for the first ever Australian Turf Games.  Wade Farmer, certified Gym Jones instructor will be leading the charge for CBT


The event and athletes will also be supported by some phenomenal brands while in Oz including Under Armour, Esquared, Bodyscience and what trip wouldn't be complete to Australia without Budgy Smugglers

We are super excited to have Sydney's leading studios competing in the event -

 We are excited to have all the UK athletes kitted out by the #1 training brand in the world - Under Armour.  Bodyscience, Australia's leading supplement brand will be on site with an athlete recovery zone. It's going to be a good day.

The day will kick off at midday with athlete registration and then first workout from 1pm with podiums at 5pm then celebratory beers!


Athletes representing Team LDN and will be enjoying the build up in Sydney the week before are


Some absolutely phenomenal athletes in that list and we are super proud to have them representing the Turf Games.


You will be able to follow all the action at @turfgames from Tuesday the 13th November when the tour begins.