TURF TRAINING Online Coaching is designed specifically to benefit those who are wanting structure, variety and progression around their training.

The coaching style is built around athletic development and human performance programming with a multi faceted approach incorporating protocols - 

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • ESD (Energy System Development)
  • Team workouts

Each of the above protocols will be measured and built upon 4 principles





The core program will be built around the above over a 4/5 day split and will be for people of ALL abilities.  Can't do something on the program, let us know and we can substitute.  Each week builds upon the previous one in which we will use a variety of tools to increase intensity over the course of the program, culminating in some pretty tough sessions at the end of each block! There are also plenty of well thought out exercise progressions & mobility drills along the way to keep the body guessing & ensure progressive overload.  Active Recovery will be used to help develop basic Lower body, Upper body & Spinal mobility.

"While we don't take ourselves too seriously, we are very serious about what we do".



The key part of starting and then maintaining any training plan is finding your WHY.  We want to offer our community more and give you a real purpose behind your training.  We know you don't want to just step into the gym and step out, although sometimes sessions feel like that - if you are, you are just wasting your valuable time.

We realise not everyone wants to run a marathon, complete an iron man or compete in a functional fitness comp.    The online program and community is designed for everyone, no matter what your WHY is - to be a better parent, be a better partner or just be a better YOU.  





Surround yourself with people who will take you further!  Everyone who signs up to the 7 Day FREE Program will also get invited to join the exclusive Under Armour Turf Games TURF FIT community on Facebook. This will provide a platform to ask questions, share feedback, hear tips and ideas from our trainers as well as get access to exclusive deals from our partners and event priority access.


PATHWAYS (coming soon)

Building off our global network of world class trainers, we will be offering 'TURF FIT Pathways'.  The Pathways will allow you to bolt on and focus more on one of the above protocols.  Say for example over the next 4 weeks you would like to build up your endurance, we will bolt on the Endurance Pathway which will alter your 5 day split to have more of a focus on this chosen discipline.  These workouts will be put together by one of our leading global endurance experts.

1 ON 1 COACHING (coming soon)

Want a little more attention? We can recommend one of our trainers to build you a tailored program that can focus on your particular strengths and weaknesses.  This would also involve a monthly review and chat with your trainer.


Once you join TURF TRAINING Online - you will have access to our Facebook group where you will have a community of like minded individuals and our leading specialist coaches who will be able to support you on your training journey every step of the way - whatever your end goal.

Your training plan will be run through an app.  Once signed up, each day or week your workout will be delivered to you -

  • No more thinking about what you need or should be doing in the gym
  • Sustainable routine and programming
  • Each month, a new program will be put in place for you, building on the last 4 weeks so you will see continual improvement
  • Ability to input your lifts and times so you can visibly see your training progression 
  • All workouts are scalable up or down, depending on your abilities
  • Consistency is key to any training program in order to get results - we will keep you accountable



We have already helped hundreds of people this year on their training journeys through our 4 week plans.  Head to our Instagram Page and see the caliber of individuals we are working with. Through hard work and continued progression, some of our athletes have greatly surpassed their own expectations. These guys and girls are at the heart of what we do at Turf Games, now it’s your turn. With our structured training plans and community to support you on your journey, we are confident you will become the best physical version of yourself.

Those lonely nights in the corner of the gym pushing yourself beyond your limits have not been in vain. The foundations of your previous training will stand you in good stead as we refine the process giving you the accountability and guidance you might have been missing. 

Jump into the 7 day trial and see what we are all about...don’t forget to request access to the FB group where our expert coaches will be featured to bring you the best and most relevant content. 



Tom Eastham is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach (UKSCA), L1 Crossfit Trainer and former Master Trainer for global brands Technogym and Power Plate. Experienced in working with top level sportspeople across Rugby, Triathlon and MMA he has 12 years experience in programming and coaching. As a competitive  Under Armour Turf Games and Crossfit athlete, he understands how to strike a balance between pushing hard and recovering well to get results.  Tom has planned the Turf Training sessions in accordance with the physical demands of functional fitness. Tom currently resides in Sydney, Australia, has a 6 month old baby boy.


Favorite movie? Shawshank Redemption

James Bond or Jason Bourne? Bond...every time

3 people you would invite to dinner? Jeremy Clarkson, Tiger Woods, Bill Belichick

Sydney or London? October to March in Sydney // March to October in London

One exercise you can't live without? I hope the Turkish Get Up will be with me until the day I die