Peaky Blinders - Women's Elite Winter Festival Champs

They came from nowhere to take the title as the fittest women's team at the London Winter Festival in February this year.

We sit down with 'Peaky Blinders' to find out a little bit more about them and what makes them such a formiddable team and to see if they will be back to defend their title at the London Summer Festival in June.

Who are the Peaky Blinders... what are your names - age - job/occupation?

Ruth Hitchen, 29, Physiotherapist, Coach and PT

Beth Poppleton, 29, PE Teacher 

Dani Petrovic, 35, Firefighter 

Jenna Watt, 29, Art Teacher 

Kelly Morris, 25, Insight Manager  


Where in the UK are you girls from? Or does your team name give it away completely:)?

The name pretty much gives it away - We are all currently based in Solihull (South Birmingham) 



Did you all know each other before forming your team?

We have  known each other for a few years mainly from the gym


Do you all train together if so where?

We all train at the same crossfit box, however, not always at the same time/in the same classes.


How did you hear about the Turf Games?

We saw it advertised on Instagram and we were keen to do it as there aren't many events with team of same sex 5's


Was the Winter Festival your first competition? or have you competed in others?

We have never competed together as a 5 before but some of us have competed in two's/three's


How did you train and prepare for the Turf Games Winter Festival?

We had one 'official' turf games training session two days before the event to go over the movements, however, we usually train at the same gym so know each others strengths and weaknesses


What is each athlete's strength/weakness?

We are all fairly well rounded athletes


Ruth - Running with her skinny legs 

Beth - Lats for days 

Dani - Sesh queen 1

Jenna - Eyebrows on point 

Kelly - Sesh queen 2

(we had to clarify 'Sesh Queen' = As in a drinking Sesh (session).. implying she is a good drinker / enjoys going out / party girl)



Ruth - Terrible lightweight 

Beth - Taste in trainers

Dani- Big bird 

Jenna - Language barrier/possible deportation post brexit 

Kelly - Princess 


How many training sessions or types of exercises/sessions did you do in the lead up?

We all usually train between 3-6 times a week and it is a mixture of cardio and weight training 


Did you have any idea of the standard of other teams or athletes that would be competing on the day?

We had no idea what the standard of the other teams would be.  The level of athletes was outstanding and we really had to push ourlselves the whole day


Were you nervous about being part of a competition like this?

Only when we arrived and realised majority of the other teams were sponsored, felt a bit like the Jamaican bobsleigh team  


Two tips or strategy techniques for any team preparing to take part in a Turf Games?

  1. Have a laugh, don't be too serious 
  2. When you gotta go down the rabbit hole, just embrace it 


The big question... do you have a team for the Summer Festival and are you ready to defend your Women's Elite Champion title?


OF COURSE - we are all returning as a team to retain the title  - Can't wait.