Mobot - The World's Greatest Water Bottle

The health and fitness world is full of unique and innovative gadgets designed to assist you in living your best and most active life. From massage guns to heart monitors, watches and apps; some are useful, some not so.

For us there is one product that stands out from the crowd, the purpose is simple but effective, the design is durable and sustainable, and the message is clear and concise. The MOBOT, is the original foam roller water bottle and our must have active accessory.

You may have noticed them at one of our competitions or training days. It looks something like a grenade but is in fact a water bottle combined with a foam roller. Hydration and foam rolling are two health and fitness buzz words of the moment and the MOBOT allows you to do both.

We first partnered with MOBOT back in 2018, since then they have sponsored our Los Angeles Under Armour Turf Games and we are excited to announce they are now a confirmed partner for the Sydney Turf Games in Australia next month.

The LA-based business was founded by Lani Cooper in 2013, who saw a gap in the market for a duel purpose water bottle.

"The benefits of foam rolling (SMR) are multiplied when you are hydrated", says Lani. So it makes perfect sense to combine the two. "Water is the original (sports) medicine and one of nature's gifts. A sip often can help to reduce cravings, improve mood and enhance recovery and performance."


MOBOT’s industrial strength design is made from 100% Recycled stainless steel and is encased in an FDA approved, BPA free and non-toxic, high-density EVA foam. The aim is for all MOBOTs to feel good and be good for the environment too.

Each bottle has a handy straw top and carry handle in sleek black. With an ever growing range of colours and patterns from soft hues to vibrant brights, camouflage and flags; there is a MOBOT for every one.

Here's what your MOBOT can do for you:


  • Use MOBOT as your own on-the-go massage for trigger point release
  • Recover faster
  • Regular foam rolling aids mobility and improves circulation
  • Roll on your MOBOT full or empty (tested up to 350lbs!)


  • MOBOT is a 2-in-1 recovery tool - stay hydrated, stay healthy!
  • Drinking plenty of water keeps your tissues pliable during rolling
  • TSA approved


  • Help reduce single-use plastic
  • FOAM: nontoxic high-density EVA foam
  • BOTTLE: 100% recycled stainless steel
  • Designed to look good, feel good, and do good

Expect to see big things from this small but mighty company in the future; we are certainly looking forward to having them by our side on the turf at our next competitions.

(Team Mobot competing at the LA Under Armour Turf Games)



TURFGAMES code expires 8th December 2019