We would like to thank each and everyone in our community for the continued support during what has been a roller coaster 2020.  For all those that took part in our Home Games Series and our Preseason Training Programmes, to anyone who has liked, commented, messaged or introduced a friend to the Turf Games community - THANK YOU!

Now, we have some GOOD NEWS! Our previously postponed 2020 London Summer Festival, the highlight of the fitness calendar, has been rescheduled to September 19th & 20th 2020.


You will notice some changes to this years Summer Festival.  The format has been adjusted to allow for the implementation of COVID-19 safety and preventative measures (CLICK HERE) and the event will take place in accordance with government guidelines.

We are more excited then ever to bring together the fitness community to the Under Armour Turf Games London Summer Festival.

Again, our summer home of Rosslyn Park in Barnes will play host to the festival on 19th/20th September 2020.


As a functional fitness community that runs events all over the UK and the world, the health and safety of our team, athletes, guests and partners at our venues is paramount to our operation. 

Please CLICK HERE to read our full measures we will be putting in place for the London  Summer Festival - these will be constantly updated as guidelines change.  Everyone who attends the 2020 Summer Festival has a role to play in ensuring we can run a safe event and adhering to the guidelines.


Saturday 19th September & Sunday 20th September - London Rosslyn Park.  We will be splitting this years Summer Festival over 2 days with various divisions competing on either Saturday or Sunday, please see below. 

This will allow much more space for both athletes and those in attendance at the event given social distancing guidelines.  Safety is our number one priority in delivering this event and we feel by splitting the event over two days it gives everyone in attendance the best chance for a much more enjoyable weekend.


The Divisions and Categories competing on Saturday will be

  1. ALL Elite Teams (men's, women's, mixed)
  2. Everyday MEN
  3. Everyday WOMEN

Teams will be expected to arrive by 830am for a 930am start with Everyday teams finished by 430pm and Elite teams by 7pm.  There will be no 'Winner Takes All' finals on Saturday. The winning teams will be those on top of the table at the end of the day. 


The Divisions and Categories competing on Sunday will be

  1. ALL Everyday MIXED Teams

Teams will be expected to arrive by 8.30am for a 9.30am start with teams heats finished by 4.30pm before a winner takes all final.

All teams will compete in 4 workouts throughout the day.  Please read the COVID-19 measures we will have in place HERE.


As we have split the event over two days, we have increased the capacity across all divisions.  If you have already purchased your team either at the start of the year or recently - all you have to do is make sure you have set your team up on our scoring website and link your athletes.  If you haven't got your team or free agent entry yet, make sure you click the below red button to secure your spot - 


Want to volunteer as a judge or crew member to help make the 2020 London Summer Festival amazing?  We are on the lookout for people to join our team in rolls like master judge,  judge, crew, equipment set up and more.  Everyone who joins will be kitted out in Under Armour Gear, receive food and snacks all day and also a Optimum Nutrition pack.  It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned fitness competition expert or it's your first time, we would love to have you.

Competing on Saturday or Sunday? Why not be part of the team on the other day :)

Click HERE for more information and to go on the list.  We will email everybody by first week of August with details


We would love to have spectators at the event cheering on the athletes. We will be monitoring the guidance around our event and numbers over the coming weeks.  We are hoping to be able to have spectators on both days.  If we are able to, spectator tickets will go on sale early September.


We know the majority of you have been working out at home for the past 4 months mainly doing bodyweight or resistance style workouts.  With gyms opening on 25th July in the UK and only 8 weeks to train, we will take this into account when designing workouts.  We spent 4 months of lockdown doing bodyweight or DB/KB workouts - so expect to see workouts with these movements, as well as more of a conditioning focus.

All Everyday teams will compete in 4 workouts, maximum 14 minutes in length, with Elite teams competing in 5 workouts .  You will have circa 90 minutes between workouts to recover.  Teams will need to sanitise their hands on the way in and on the way out of the workout arena.  Teams during a workout, will be able to share equipment between team members.  In terms of being socially distanced within your team during a workout, more will come on this closer to the time.  Please read the COVID-19 measures we will have in place HERE.

Unfortunately there will not be 'Winner Take All' finals this year except for the Everyday Mixed Division on the Sunday to cap off an epic festival.  Winners of each division will be the team on top after all the round workouts.


All teams captains were sent an information document in February which had all set up instructions to register your team - including setting up team name and linking athletes.  There is a code in that document which you will need to access the event.  The link to set up is HERE.

We ask that everyone has their team name set up by 10th August and all athletes linked by 30th August.  Teams will not be able to compete unless the 5 athletes taking part at the Summer Festival are linked to their team on the scoring website.  This is for both track and trace protocols and also our event waiver.

Team set up deadline - 20th August

All 5 athletes linked deadline - 10th September


Everyday Athlete Division - teams of 5 athletes

MALE - 5 male athletes

FEMALE - 5 female athletes

MIXED - teams of 5 - either 3 males and 2 females or 3 females and 2 males.

Everyday teams can have no more than 2 people who have competed in the 'elite' division/made an elite final previously - at any event. We do ask that you respect the divisions and don't 'stack' your team just to win it.

Elite Athlete Division -  teams of 5 athletes

MALE - 5 male athletes

FEMALE - 5 female athletes

MIXED - 3 males and 2 female athletes ONLY


Enter as an individual and we will put you in a team of your choice. The perfect way to get involved and meet great people.



Please see below for a guidance on what you should be able to do to take part in either Elite or Everyday - (this is a guide only and all weights and times are female/male).

We ask that  you please respect the Divisions - please don't 'stack' your team with great athletes and enter the Everyday category.


  • 10 x DB Snatch - 12.5kg/20kg
  • 30sec Assault bike - 6/12 calories
  • 30m Dead Ball Carry - 20kg/40kg
  • 4 Dead Ball to Shoulder - 20/40kg
  • 8 x Shoulder Barbell Press - 25kg/40kg
  • 10 x Deadlift - 50kg/80kg
  • 1km Row/Ski sub - 5min/4.30min

Everyday Athlete teams are permitted to have a maximum of 2 athletes who have competed in the ELITE DIVISION previously. 


  • 10 x DB Snatch - 15kg/22.5kg
  • 30sec Assault bike - 15/25 calories
  • 30m Dead Ball Carry - 30kg/60kg
  • 4 Dead Ball to Shoulder - 40/60kg
  • 8 x Shoulder Barbell Press/Front Squat - 35kg/60kg
  • 10 x Deadlift - 70kg/120kg
  • Rope climbs
  • 1km Row/Ski sub - 4.15min/3.40min


We know this is a tricky time for all and everyone is affected in different ways by the current situation.   Everyone who purchased a team for the London Summer Festival prior to July 1 2020 has two options now we have announced the event is happening in September - 

  1. Set your team up on our scoring website (HERE) and get ready for GAME DAY.
  2. Teams who purchased their entry prior to July 1 2020 - Email us and ask for your team to be refunded if you can no longer take part.  Please email us at with your order number and we will refund you.  We ask that you ask for a refund no later than 15th August. After this date we will not be refunding teams unless the event is sold out and we can replace your team.
  • If you purchased your spot or team for September 19/20 after the new information or dates were announced on 24th July, you will only be entitled to a refund if the event in September is postponed or you/we can replace your team.

    We are unfortunately not able to roll team entry over to events next year now that the event is taking place, so the above are the two options should the event take place in September.

    HOWEVER, should the event in September be postponed for any reason before the event takes place - all teams that were set to take part, regardless of when you purchased your entry will have two options - 

    1. Roll their team entry to the 2021 London Summer Festival
    2. Request a full refund

    Should you have any questions on the above please email us at