In a normal world, you would have back to back months of solid training under our belts - competed in a few fitness competitions and probably hit a few PBs.  Unfortunately, the past 12+ months have been anything but normal.

While many of us have been doing countless burpees, situps, air-squats, push ups and those lucky enough to have a DB or KB some weighted workouts, the majority of us have not done any type of progressive structured strength or conditioning training in over 4 months.

With gyms opening, trying to jump back into the training you were doing pre-lockdown thinking you will be at similar levels is setting yourself up to fail - there is nothing more de-motivating then going backwards!

The BUILD 'Back to Gym' Programme, design by Turf Games head of competition programming, Lee Phillips, is the programme designed exactly for this scenario.

This time we have just had, away from your normal training, allows you to reset and rebuild the solid foundations of your functional fitness training - a broad base of strength, power, conditioning and endurance. Setting the bar from a low base with structured, incremental gains will set you up with the motivation to achieve the levels you were at quicker and safer, and then blow right past them.


The Turf Games BUILD 'Back to Gym' Programme is much more than just that.  Our approach to training revolves around 4 Pillars - 


and what we feel is the most important,


It is these four pillars that form the base of all our programmes and also our community.




This is one of the best parts (in our opinion, and many of those on the programme).  Seeing the community move forward together, progress in their functional fitness journey and have a laugh along the way - it's inspiring.  But the thing we love the most about this group - the support you get from everyone when you are having an 'off' day, or things aren't going that great for you.  Life doesn't always go in a straight line so having a support network to ask questions, share your thoughts, get feedback and motivation from is pivotal in moving forward.  Fostering a culture of continuous learning, development and support is a critical part of our community and one we want to convey to all our members.


Turf Games programmes are unlike anything you have experienced before.

The 'Back to Gym' programme will start with a 4 week training block designed specifically to reset and rebuild your functional fitness training base levels.  Designed  by the same team that programmed Home Games and the Preseason Programmes.  This programme will then roll into an ongoing 'monthly' programme which will form the backbone of your functional fitness training.

This monthly programme is made for EVERYbody - whether you are a weekend warrior, looking to compete at a fitness competition, hone your strength and conditioning for a sport, lose some weight and build muscle or just want to move better - we got you.


The first 4 weeks will be a 'learning' phase with time spent getting your body prepared for what lies ahead and building a solid foundation.  Week 1 will be spent establishing foundations - reminding yourself how to move underweight and building upon movement patterns of the key compound lifts.  Any lifts during the first few weeks of the programme need to be done with perfect form and only up to 'conservative limits'. There is absolutely no need to 'red line' on a strength movement or conditioning workout in the FOUNDATIONS stage of the programme.  There will be plenty of time to test all of these things in the coming weeks and months - we want to see incremental gains and progression - not injuries!

  • Moving well. Up to 4 months out of the gym can mean we have forgotten how our body moves under certain weight and under various movements.  We will start off light and progressively overload over the sessions to build our bodies back up so they move freely again.
  • Where is your strength at?  Building up from an empty bar to a weight over a number sets that still allows you progress incrementally. Don't push yourself so that form is lost just to feed your ego - that is when injuries can happen.
  • Conditioning workouts will have scaled options depending on how you are feeling. Starting a workout with a goal of a time or reps you have in mind and missing it by a longshot isn't great for the motivation. So that is why there will be ways to adapt the training to your own level.
  • If there are movements that need work due to poor mobility or lack of practice, this is where your training can be adapted and skills worked on.

By the end of week 4 you would have built your confidence, capacity and strength back up week after week ensuring you move to the next phase with a solid foundation to launch off.


It Begins!  Once the 4 first weeks of training have been completed, and you have built a solid base, it is now time to ramp up the intensity.  Your base strength and conditioning have increased, the benchmarks will be set.  It is during this next 4 week period that the real progress will begin to be made.  Progressive overloads will be built into the programme, as well as benchmarking around key Turf Games lifts and and conditioning workouts, testing yourself on leaderboards and against your previous scores tracking your progression

Each weeks programmes will be a mix of 

  • Strength
  • ESD - Energy System Development
  • Accessory work
  • Core strengthening
  • Mobility sessions


Our style of coaching ensures that you become a better athlete across all energy systems.  Throughout your journey there will be periods of testing and workouts where you can record your scores on the leaderboard and have some fun with others who are on the programme with you.


 As well as all the above benefits of being part of the Under Armour Turf Games online community, the BUILD programme will include - 



What website will my programming be delivered from?

We use to deliver the programme. You will sign up for the programme on here and choose your start day and build out your profile.

What if I don't see results or it isn't for me?

We stand by all our online training programmes and offer a 30 day from purchase money back guarantee.  If your situation changes, you can cancel your programme at anytime by logging into your account.

What equipment will I need?

The Build 'Back to Gym' programme requires equipment found at most gyms - barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull up bars, benches, boxes, aerobic equipment like ski/bike/rower.  There will be other movements we may put in which if you don't have access to you can substitute - i.e. can't do wall balls - you can do light thrusters instead.

How long is this programme?

The Build 'Back to Gym' programme is a monthly rolling programme that progresses week on week and month on month - this is where your functional fitness journey begins.  You will be billed monthly on a direct debit for as long as want to be signed up.  There are no contracts so you can cancel at anytime.

What day can I start the programme on?

You can choose whatever day you like to start day 1, week 1.  This will be done when you sign up for the programme

What if I am not sure what a movement is?

All movements will have video demonstrations attached so you know exactly what you should be doing.

I am new to the 'functional fitness' world - is this programme scalable?

All workouts will build off YOUR own strength levels, and conditioning workouts can be scaled up and down depending on your capacity.  We can help you with any questions around this.

I have never competed in a functional fitness competition before or I don't want to compete, can I do these workouts?

Yes of course, this programme is built around the foundations of strength and conditioning training for anyone who wants to move better and be fitter for daily life - whether that is playing with your kids, doing a weekend workout with your friends or signing up for a fitness challenge.

I want to compete at a Turf Games competition, will this programme help me be ready for Game Day?

Yes of course, all the workouts and movements at our competitions are what forms the bass of our programming.  You may even get some inside knowledge of what workouts may be coming up ;)

Progress in our online programming and you will be a new athlete come Game Day! #FORTHEATHLETEWITHIN

How long are the sessions?

Each week there will be 5 sessions.  Each session will be between 40-60 minutes in length.

Will there be gymnastic and Olympic lifting movements?

In the early months of this programme there will not be any of that. We may introduce scaled options if you feel confident to perform those movements, however, the programme does not require any experience in either of those two disciplines in order to follow this programme and be the best you can be.

What if I miss a session/week?

If you fall behind, just pick back up on the current day.  If you are coming off a sustained lay off due to work commitments, illness or injury we suggest dropping us an email and we can offer our advice - however, no one knows your body better than you.

How long do I get the workouts for?

You keep the workouts for life.  We use the web app 'FITR Training' with all workouts visible on here plus on your email.

What if I have a question about a workout or movement?

We have a team of qualified coaches who can answer any questions about the programme on our Facebook group, email or private message. Anything from - how to scale a workout due to an injury or want to know how to improve a movement - we got you.

 Any further other questions, please email us at