The Core Collective Arena will have 2 teams per station going at the same time - meaning there will be 6 teams in this arena.  Each station is 5 minutes on and 3 minutes rest.  If you start on Station 1 you will then do Station 2 then 3. If you start on Station 2 you will then do Station 3 then 1 and so on.  You will obviously be the freshest on your first station so you need to put in a big shift on this one so you have a good chance of getting a great score.



This workout is a chipper style workout.  As a team, you must do the below.  You choose as to who does what and how you break each movement reps up per team member, the strategy is in your hands.

You can't move onto the next exercise until the previous one is finished.  Athletes can swap in and out of rowers once they are 'unlocked' to maximise output.

1) 20 x 40m runs - upon completion this unlocks rower 1


2) 40 x alternating dumbbell snatches - upon completion this unlocks rower 2


Weight - Dumbbells must be changed on the ground and arm full extension above head.  Women 14kg, Men 20kg dumbbells. Mixed teams, women must do 20 reps and men 20 reps.  One person at a time doing snatches.


3) 20 x Over the shoulder Dead Balls - upon completion this unlocks rower 3

Weight - 20kg for women and 40kg for men. Mixed teams women must do 10 reps and men 10 reps.

ALL 3 movements above - runs/dumbbell snatches/dead balls must be completed in order to qualify for a score i.e. you can't just not do the dead balls and stay on two rowers.

Once the Dead balls are finished, you will have all 3 rowers going till the end of the 5 minutes - you don't have to use all 3 rowers if you don't wish, however, you must complete all 3 movements.  You can swap athletes in and out of the rowers at any time according to your tactics

SCORE = cumulative distance on all 3 rowers



In pairs two people must perform syncho squats.  Bums must touch the medicine balls and knees locked out for a rep to count. Each squat as a pair is 1 rep.

Weight - women have 2 x 12kg dumbbells, men have 2 x 20kg dumbells held in rack position.

While two athletes are squatting the other athletes must keep a barbell held above head height for the 5 minutes.  Drop bar below eye height and lose 4 reps.  Bar stays below eye height for more than 5 seconds and lose 8 reps for every 5 seconds the bar is down.  You may have two people holding a bar up.  

Weight - women 30kg / men 50kg bar.  For mixed teams if a male athlete is holding the bar and a female athlete is going to 'replace him' - the 30kg bar must be up and arms fully extended before the male athlete can drop his bar otherwise lose 4 reps.  If passing the bar to next athlete this must be done above eye height or lose 4 reps.

You can swap in and out of squats and bar holds as you wish during the 5 minutes - strategise wisely!

SCORE = total weighted synchro squat reps minus any drop bars



1 Watt bike per team and 1 x 24 inch box for men and 1 x 20 inch box for women. 

Each athlete will do 1 minute Watt Bike into 1 minute box jump burpees.  This means each athlete will do 2 minutes of max effort.

Once the first athlete finishes minute 0-1 on Watt Bike, they will go straight into doing minute 1-2 of box jump burpees (then they are done) and the next athlete will do minute 1-2 on Watt Bike.  One athlete will start on the box jump burpees for minute 0-1. They will then join end of the line and finish on the Watt bike for minute 4-5.

Burpee standard is chest and hips to floor, both feet must touch the box and then onto other side.

SCORE = Average Watts on bike + number of box jump burpees


This is a game of inches, reps, seconds, calories  - strategy plays a huge part on maximising output in these workouts  - get planning with your team.