Here is a great finisher to your session.  Thanks to Turf Games athlete and London Fitness trainer @bethany.duckworth for this one.

This workout is top and tailed with a 2 minute max metre row.  In the middle is a 6 minute AMRAP. No rest for the 10 minutes, 0-2mins row, 2-8mins AMRAP, 8-10mins row

Standards -

  • Plate GTOH, one part of the plate must touch the ground and then overhead hips, knees and elbows fully extended
  • Burpees, chest and hips on ground then jump onto plate
  • Military plank, starting in straight arm plank then onto elbows and back up is 1 rep
  • Going through all these reps is 1 round. You need to do as many rounds as possible in 6 mins

Get competitive with a partner or give this more than one go and try and beat your own score.

SCORE - Record your rounds and metres.

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