This was a workout at London Summer 2019 - Everyday Division.


WORKOUT TIME - 8 minutes

Time to work together and conquer this workout as one.

Each team has 2 Concept2 Bike ergs.

• 2,000m (men’s/mixed) / 1,500m women’s on both bikes. Teams may swap athletes on the bike as they see fit.

Once the bike distances are complete,
• All 5 athletes 20/10kg over head plate synchro walking lunges
• Teams must complete 2 up and back laps of 15m track

Once complete the above, all athletes complete 20 synchro butterly sit ups

Then for remaining time,
• Team synchro burpees

After, every 10 Burpees the team will move down the track into the next quadrant.

SCORE = Total number of team synchro burpees performed

Movement Standards
Syncrho Burpees- chest and hips must touch the ground and athletes must stand up at the top of the rep with hips fully open. There is no requirement to jump or have hands above head. Synchro is all 5 athletes with chest and hips on the floor at the same time. Athletes don’t have to be synchro at the top of the burpee – Movement Standard Video -

Synchro overhead plate lunge - Plate must be above head, elbows locked out and head through at top. Back knee must touch the ground and then front knee must fully extend on the way up. No stepping through the movement and not fully extending at the top – Movement Standard Video -

Butterfly situps - Hands must touch behind the head and synchro is both athletes touching the ground in FRONT of their toes at the same time – Movement Standard Video -