London Summer 2019 Workout KXU Arena - SHIFT


This was a workout at London Summer 2019 - Everyday Division.

Deliver the kit. 

TIME CAP – 5min 

On go, 2 athletes start arm over arm 15 meter sled pulls. Once the sled has crossed the line the athletes turn it around, run to the other end of the track with the rope and pull it back.  

Each length is worth 1 point. 

At the same time, 3 athletes are running 4 D balls to a Plyo box. The D balls and athletes must go over the box then the D balls must be loaded into the torque tank basket.  The tank must then be pushed 10m to a mark and back to the plyo box. The D balls and athletes then return over the plyo box back to the start line. This is one length.  When jumping over the box, please be mindful that the D ball will be on ground so please look where you are jumping so as to not land on it! 

D ball weights 

Mixed 20, 30, 40, 60kg 

Each complete length with dballs/tank up and back is worth 4 points.  If at the end of the time cap, teams have –

  • Got all D balls into the Tank basket, worth 1 point
  • Push the tank to the end, worth 1 point
  • Got the D balls over the plyo box, worth 1 point
  • All athletes are back at the start with D Ball, worth 1 point (for complete lap of 4 points) 

SCORE – Combined points on sled lengths and carry/tank lengths 


  • 3 athletes have to jump over the Plyo box in both directions.
  • All 3 athletes need to be over the box before the tank can be pushed. 
  • All D balls have to be in the tank before it can be moved
  • Tank and sled both need front end to cross the line for a length to count.
  • Athletes needs to stay stationary i.e cannot move backwards whilst pulling the sled.