London Summer 2019 Evolve Arena Workout - Off Piste


This was a workout at London Summer 2019 - Everyday Division.

Teamwork to get as much done as possible with quick transitions. 

TIME CAP - 8 minutes 

Each team will get a number of dumbbells and a Concept2 ski erg. 

The Workout: 

In your team, you must complete each of these stations in order but you can decide who does what and how many reps of each you do. Only the athlete/athletes working can be touching the kit so no passing the dumbbells to each other. Once you get to the ski erg you can pass the handles between athletes. 

  1. Pair Synchro DB goblet squat x 50 (single 22.5kg/15kg)
  2. Alternating DB lunge x 40 (pair of 17.5kg/12.5kg) - this is not synchro, only 1 athletes working at a time
  3. Pair Synchro Alternating DB snatch x 30 (single 17.5kg/12.5kg)
  4. Pair synchro burpee x 20
  5. Ski as a team for distance until time runs out. 

SCORE: Distance on ski (metres) or if the does not reach the ski we count how many reps are completed.



DB Lunge - DB must be held by athlete’s side, knee must touch the floor. Athlete must stand up fully with hips open at the top of each rep with front knee locked out – Movement standard video -


Synchro Goblet Squat - Full depth squat, hip crease below the knee. Dumbbell must be held vertically in goblet position. Athlete must stand upright with hips and knees fully extended for rep to count - Movement standard video - 

Synchro Alternating D bell snatch - Dumbbell starts on the floor and must be moved to overhead position with legs, hips and arms fully extended at top of movement. D bell may only be changed when hands are below head height. BOTH HEADS of the dumbbell are required to touch the floor between reps. Athletes must alternate arms.  The non lifting arm may not come into contact with the body to brace the lift – Movement Standard video - 

Burpees- chest and hips must touch the ground and athletes must stand up at the top of the rep with hips fully open. There is no requirement to jump or have hands above head.  Synchro is all athletes with chest and hips on floor at the same time Movement Standard video -