Ashes of Fitness London June 2019 - Chain Gang

This workout featured at the very first London Ashes of Fitness in June 2019



Team Relay (2 athletes at a time).  Each team will have 3 sets of pairs working together, one pair after the other.  You can choose whether you do MF FF or MM, however one athlete must go twice – again you can choose. 

Two athletes must work through all the below before tagging the next pair

12/10 Cals Row (2 rowers)

Partner sync Barbells: (2 Barbell – 60/40)

- 10 Deadlift 

- 8 hang cleans

- 6 Shoulder to overhead

20 Sync Wall Balls 9/6kg (2 medballs)

15 Reps D Balls over shoulder 60/40

Tag next pair


Note – in the last pair, after the last D ball rep – the last 2 athletes must carry the dballs (40 + 60) down the lane and both D balls must go over the plyo box for the time to stop


  • Teams will have either two male bars (60kg), two female bars (40kg) or 1 of each depending on how the pairs are working together. 
  • Sync for Deadlift is at the top of the movement
  • Sync for hang power cleans is both athletes standing up together bar in rack position
  • Sync for STOH is locked out over head together
  • Once pair 1 completes the whole workout, both athletes most run back and “tap” their team mates which will then open the second round, and so on to the third and final round. 
  • Wall ball synchronisation will be given on the squat (below knee level)
  • D Ball reps are in TOTAL between the pairs so can be YGIG if you like until you hit 15 reps