2019 London Winter Workout - Hard Labour

This workout featured at the very first London Winter Festival at Brunel University in February 2019.  Once completed the buy in, you will need to divide and conquer your team to maximise your score.



This workout will have a Ski Erg buy in.  As a team, you will complete the distance

MEN – 1.5km

MIXED – 1.25KM


(set the ski erg to count down from the above distance)

Once the team completes the above, for the remaining time –

Movement (1) - 3 athletes will move to a rig                                                                                                                              

One athlete needs to be in dead hang position from the bar (feet off the ground).  Once they are hanging, the other two athletes at the rig, will start alternating partner wall balls - an athlete will be either side of the target and they will hit the target and the ball will be caught by their partner. 

MEN - 9kg

WOMEN – 6kg





Movement (2) - Once the ski erg is finished and an athlete is in dead hang, two athletes will start Torque Tank lengths for the remaining time. One athlete sitting/standing on the tank, one athlete pushing – athletes CANNOT run alongside, 1 athlete must be on the tank.  At the end of each length, the two athletes must perform 5 synchro burpees. Don't have a Torque tank, substitue in for sleds or farmers walks with handles, heavy dumbbells or kettle bells

Athletes may sub in and out of the dead hang (and torque tank - below) as often as they would like.  However, the athlete getting onto the bar, must be hanging before the other athlete gets off the bar.  If for whatever reason this does not happen or the person hanging lets go and hits the ground, the team will lose 3 reps.  There is a video below.


1 complete torque tank length is when the front wheels cross the line at either end – the burpees are just a buy out/buy in – so you record a length each time the wheels pass the line. 


Athletes can interchange between wall balls, dead hangs and torque tank lengths as they wish.


WALL BALLS (minus 3 reps for any dead hang drops) x TORQUE TANK / CARRY LENGTHS


(dropping off the bar is a loss of 3 wall ball reps)



Torque Tank or Wall balls can NOT start until athlete is in dead hang position.  Only the two front wheels of the tank need to cross the line for the lap to be complete and the burpees to begin.  One athlete pushing the tank, and one athlete sitting on the tank during each lap.

Wall balls - ball must fully hit the middle of the target. Athlete must perform full squat with hip crease below knees before throwing the ball at the target and partner catching - VIDEO HERE

Synchro Burpees - chest and hips must touch the ground and athletes stand fully upright and hips FULLY extended/open at the top.  Synchro is both athletes on the floor at the same - VIDEO HERE