2019 London Winter Workout - Chippy Chippy Bang Bank

This workout featured as a Semi Final in the Mixed Elite Division at the Winter Festival at Brunel University in February 2019.  You will need to divide and conquer your team to maximise your score.


This workout will be a chipper style workout. Each team must complete the below. You can break up the movements as you wish. 12 minute time cap.

4.5km on the Concept2 bike erg

Concurrently running the same time as the bike erg, teams are to complete the below in order

• 40 x GTOH 30kg
• 40 x Synchro burpees (2 athletes)
• 20 x D ball to shoulder 40kg
• 40 x Syncro sit ups (2 athletes)
• 40 x Alternating D bell snatch 15kg

Your score will be the time your team completes all the work - both chipper and bike must be finished before the time stops to record a score. Athletes may change in and out of chipper and bike erg as they wish.

GTOH - Clean and press, clean and jerk and snatch are all acceptable movements. Barbell must start on the floor and be moved to overhead position with athletes legs, hips and arms in full extension for the rep to count - VIDEO HERE

Syncro burpees (2 athletes) - Syncro is with chest on floor at bottom of movement. Athletes must jump at top of movement to full extension and hands touch behind head - VIDEO HERE

D ball to shoulder - D ball must be picked up and moved to top of shoulder. Athlete must stand up at full extension and remove opposite had from D ball for rep to count. When the judge confirms the rep the D ball must then be dropped in front of the athlete - VIDEO HERE

Synchro sit ups (2 athletes) - Athletes will have a wallball between their feet, the start position is athletes lying on their back arms behind head with hands touching the floor and feet in contact with the wallball. Athletes will then perform a sit up and must be synchro at the top of the movement with both athletes touching the wallball between their feet at the same time. They must then return to touch their hands on the floor behind their head before performing the next rep - VIDEO HERE

Alternating D bell snatch - Dumbbell starts on the floor and must be moved to overhead position with legs, hips and arms fully extended at top of movement. D bell may only be changed hands below head height. Only one head of the dumbbell is required to touch the floor between reps. Athletes must alternate arms. The none lifting arm may not come into contact with the body to brace the lift - VIDEO HERE