2018 Workout - Watt The Burpee

1 Watt bike per team and 1 x 24 inch box for men and 1 x 20 inch box for women. 

Each athlete will do 1 minute Watt Bike into 1 minute box jump burpees.  This means each athlete will do 2 minutes of max effort.

Once the first athlete finishes minute 0-1 on Watt Bike, they will go straight into doing minute 1-2 of box jump burpees (then they are done) and the next athlete will do minute 1-2 on Watt Bike. 

 One athlete will start on the box jump burpees for minute 0-1. They will then join end of the line and finish on the Watt bike for minute 4-5.

Burpee standard is chest and hips to floor, both feet must touch the box and then onto other side.


SCORE = Average Watts on bike + number of box jump burpees