2018 Workout - SYNCHRO SQUAT IT LIKE ITS ...


In pairs two people must perform syncho squats.  Bums must touch the medicine balls and knees locked out for a rep to count. Each squat as a pair is 1 rep.

 Weight - women have 2 x 12kg dumbbells, men have 2 x 20kg dumbells held in rack position.

 While two athletes are squatting the other athletes must keep a barbell held above head height for the 5 minutes.  Drop bar below eye height and lose 4 reps.  Bar stays below eye height for more than 5 seconds and lose 8 reps for every 5 seconds the bar is down.  You may have two people holding a bar up.  

 Weight - women 30kg / men 50kg bar. 

 For mixed teams if a male athlete is holding the bar and a female athlete is going to 'replace him' - the 30kg bar must be up and arms fully extended before the male athlete can drop his bar otherwise lose 4 reps.  If passing the bar to next athlete this must be done above eye height or lose 4 reps.

 You can swap in and out of squats and bar holds as you wish during the 5 minutes - strategise wisely!

 SCORE = total weighted synchro squat reps minus any drop bars