2018 Workout - Step to the rower

This workout is from our 2018 Summer Festival

8 minutes

Each team will have two 20 inch boxes and two rowers - so two 'lanes'.  Two athlete's will start on the horn and will perform 10 kettle bell weighted box step overs - 2 feet on the floor, 2 feet on the box, 2 feet on the floor.  They will then put the kettle bells down and run to a rower where they will row for 10 calories.  At the end of the 10 calories, the judge will raise there hand signifying that the next athlete in that 'lane' can start the box step overs. 

 Weights - men will be carrying 2 x 16kg KBs and women 2 x 12kg kettle bells

The athlete waiting is allowed to pick up the kettle bells before there teammate finishes the row but has to keep both feet on the ground until judge raises their hand once the 10cals has been hit.

 For mixed teams, one lane will be assigned to either male or female athletes and they must stay in there respective lanes


SCORE - 1 full round = 20 points

(1 box step over = 1 point, 1 rowing calorie = 1 point)