2018 Workout - Get Lifting


As a team, need to complete maximum rounds of the below clean & press. Athletes must complete the below in order, short sprint and touch your teammates hand before the next athlete can start. 

You can choose which athletes do the below, it is not compulsory for all athletes to complete a round or for athletes to go in any particular order.

From start line short run to – 

Log - 6 reps - 22kg girls and 46kg boys – log clean and press


Axle bar - 4 reps - 28kg girls and 48kg boys – push press


Kettle bell / circus dumbell -  Kettle Bell 16kg women - Circus dumbbell for men – 28kg 2 reps (1 on each arm) - power snatch

Run back and tag the next athlete. Weights cannot be dropped.

Score = total rounds (12pts per round) + reps (1pt per rep)