2018 - Row The Turf


This workout is a chipper style workout.  As a team, you must do the below.  You choose as to who does what and how you break each movement reps up per team member, the strategy is in your hands.

 You can't move onto the next exercise until the previous one is finished.  Athletes can swap in and out of rowers once they are 'unlocked' as they wish to maximise output. 

1) 20 x 40m runs - upon completion this unlocks rower 1


2) 40 x alternating dumbbell snatches - upon completion this unlocks rower 2


Weight - Dumbbells must be changed on the ground and arm full extension above head.  Women 14kg, Men 20kg dumbbells. Mixed teams women must do 20 reps and men 20 reps


 3) 20 x Over the shoulder Dead Balls - upon completion this unlocks rower 3

 Weight - 20kg for women and 40kg for men. Mixed teams women must do 10 reps and men 10 reps.

 ALL 3 movements above - runs/dumbbell snatches/dead balls must be completed in order to qualify for a score i.e. you can't just not do the dead balls and stay on two rowers.

 Once the Dead balls are finished, you will have all 3 rowers going till the end of the 5 minutes.  You can swap athletes in and out of the rowers at any time according to your tactics


SCORE = cumulative distance on all 3 rowers