UNDER ARMOUR TURF GAMES Summer Festival 2019 Athlete Handbook


We are excited to have partnered with Under Armour for 2019.  This partnership is going to be exciting for all involved with the Turf Games.

Thank you to all the athletes who have registered to compete at the Under Armour Turf Games Summer Festival on June 14th / 15th at Rosslyn Park.  Below is all you need to know about the weekend.

In order for us to run a smooth competition and to maximise the fun that all athletes, spectators and judges have, it is important that you read the below.

















Teams in the above pools will do all 2 or 3 of the workouts in each of the arena's they have been assigned (KXU/FARM FITNESS - 3 workouts in each - 5 minute workout, 3 minute break) (EVOLVE/WIT/THIRD SPACE - 2 workouts in each - 8 minute workout, 5 minute break)

The workouts are now live on Team Aretas - login HERE


The corporate teams are doing 1 x 7 minute workout in EACH of the 5 arena's.  The 5 workouts are now live on Team Aretas - login HERE

The winner of each pool will go to a winner takes all FINAL.





Log into your ATHLETE account HERE



The top 4 teams from each category will go through to a Winner Takes All Final.

FOR MIXED EVERYDAY - the winner of each of the 3 pools will advance to the final.  There will be one 'wildcard' team that will compete in the final.  As ALL mixed category teams are doing the KXU arena - of the 3 teams that come 2nd in their pools - whichever of these 3 teams scores best across the 3 KXU workouts will gain a 'wildcard' entry to the Mixed Everyday Final



We have full massage, physio and strapping provided by FEEL GOOD LDN - this is available to ALL athletes FREE of charge and will be located in the main Athlete Zone.  The Recovery Room will be providing massage for spectators and athletes with their range of creams and Sport FX will also have a refresh station with hair braiding and general face freshen up - this will be available post workouts as well so you can stay on and enjoy the party.


Unfortunately there is NO CAR PARKING at the ground.  The best way to get to the ground is by Uber/Taxi or Public Transport


Head towards Rosslyn Park FC, SW15 5JH.  There are entries via both the driveway entrance and also off the Upper Richmond Road


To the ground: Platforms 16-19 Waterloo main line station through Clapham Junction towards Richmond & Twickenham. Stopping at BARNES which is a 600m walk from the ground

Into London: Take the main line railway to BARNES on the Twickenham & Richmond line or Hounslow Loop through to Waterloo



There are several buses but please check current timetables due to road closures



If you are making your own gear and want to use our logo, you can find it HERE



  • Friday 14th June - 530pm until 1030pm (Corporate athlete check in at 4pm, Elite Athlete check in from 6pm)
  • Saturday 15th June - 930am until 1130pm (athlete check in 730am)
  • Rosslyn Park Rugby Club, Priory Lane, London SW15 5JH
  • There is NO parking at the venue - the best transport options are walk from Barnes overground train (7 minutes) or Uber/Taxi or get dropped off.


The Under Armour Turf Games Summer Festival is going to be a huge spectacle not just for the athletes but for spectators too. There is going to be lots going on around the ground aside from athletes competing in the workout arena's with great food, lot's of drinks (including beers, cocktails, wine, prosecco and more), unreal music and DJs and also other brand activations and things to do.  Lie around on a bean bag and chill out with your friends, mojito in hand soaking up the sun listening to great tunes, or support the athletes giving their all in the arena's


You can also buy spectator tickets on the door for £12 or 2 for £20 - card only


Team registration OPENS 1st APRIL and needs to be completed as soon as possible from this date.  This is linked to the online waiver, so in order to compete, ALL athletes must create a profile and link to their team. 

Get creative with your team and try to make it as unique as possible.

Team Registration will be via this WEBSITE - registration is LIVE

Few quick points of note - 

  1. The person setting the team up must be competing in the team
  2. If you are creating an account for the first time, when you set it up you will get a VERIFICATION email - PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER
  3. Once you set the team up and athletes link, this doesn't have to be your final team - you can sub athletes in and out over the coming months
  4. Please do add a picture as your profile pic :) 



  • The Corporate Division will be a load of fun and will be supporting a great cause, raising money for  - Laureus - Sport for Good
  • Please arrive at Rosslyn Park by 4pm on Friday the 14th.  Workouts to begin at 540pm
  • All teams will work through 5 arena's - doing 1 x 7 minute workout in each arena - so 5 workouts in total - with approximately 25 minutes break in between each 7 min workout.
  • There will be 2 teams in each arena at any given time
  • Please arrive at your arena 10 minutes before your workout time
  • All Workouts will be done by 825pm, followed by a 'Winner Take All' final with the top team from each pool (5 teams) going through
  • There will be loads going on around the ground with great food, DJs, alcohol, drinks and more to come soon


  • The Elite Division this year will see the first time we have run an event over two days.  All Elite teams will do ONE workout on Friday 14th June at Rosslyn Park, with the remaining workouts on the Saturday.
  • Each Elite Category - Men, Women and Mixed - will be made up of 18 teams
  • Friday Night Lights - The Workout will be circa 30 minutes in length.  Mixed Teams will go at 7.00pm, Men/Mixed at 735pm, Men's at 810pm and Women at 9.05pm
  • We would like all athletes to be at the venue no later than 600pm.  Any issues with the times please email us at team@turfgames.com

Saturday 15th - Elite Teams will work through 3 arena's on the Saturday with the top 4 teams going through to a 'Winner Take All' Final.

  • Arena's will have various lengths of workouts - either 3 x 5min workouts (3min rest), 2 x 8min (5min rest) workouts or longer
  • Elite teams will compete in 3 Arena's on the Saturday and have approximately 1 hour 30 minutes between Arena's.
  • First workout will be at 930am and finals from 5pm.  Athletes will need to arrive by 730am for check-in and briefing


  • Saturday 15th ONLY - Everyday Athlete Teams will work through 3 arena's on the Saturday with the top 4 teams going through to a 'Winner Take All' Final.  Everyday athletes will be doing different arena's and workouts to the Elite teams
  • Teams will be in Arena's for 21 minutes and will compete in 3 Arena's
  • Between each Arena workout, teams will have approx. 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Arena's will have various lengths of workouts - either 3 x 5min workouts (3min rest) or 2 x 8min (5min rest) workouts
  • First workout will be at 930am and finals from 4.10pm.  Athletes will need to arrive by 730am for checkin and briefing.

The Everyday Division will have the following teams

  • Mixed - 57 teams (will be programmed based on 3M/2F)
  • Women - 24 teams
  • Men - 24 teams 


We encourage ALL teams to wear matching outfits, for two reasons - a) you will look way better on Instagram b) you will look and feel much more like a team

If you would like to make tops yourself, we have had people asking for our logos so they can print them on their team tops.  Here is the link to some options - HERE 


We are excited to welcome back all arena's from our 2018 Summer Festival - KXU, Core Collective, Third Space, Gym Box, Farm Fitness and also new arena Evolve353 and WIT Training


We are proud to have back BLK BOX as the Official Equipment Supplier of the Under Armour Turf Games Summer Festival.  They will be kitting out all of the Elite Workouts.  Again ALL gear used will be available for pre-sale at a discount to RRP. 

To purchase any of the gear - click HERE

The Everyday Athlete arena's will use the equipment as provided by the arena gyms they will be competing in.


Check in opens at 730am.  Captains/1 athlete per team may enter the Food Village and proceed to their team categories check in area.  We have alot of teams to get checked in on the day so please make it easy for us and arrive on time and help us get everyone through.  Once checked in, we will give you your workout times and wrist bands for your other 4 athletes.  You will then walk in to the venue.  If your other athletes haven't arrived yet, then you will need to meet them outside and give them their wrist bands before they are allowed in.  ONLY 1 athlete per team may approach the check in area to check in.


In terms of what you can and cant' wear when working out.  

  • Athletes CAN wear - knee and elbow supports, weightlifting belts, chalk, lifting shoes, wrist straps, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Athletes CAN't wear - over the palm grips, anything that attaches to a bar to aid grip or strength
  • Glass is prohibited inside the venue.  When you enter, your bag will be searched by security and if there are any glass bottles or alcohol in your bag, they will need to be left outside the venue.


We are going BIG on the food, drink and entertainment for this Summer.  There are going to be plenty of options for fresh food, drinks - lots of coffee!, snacks and also there will be numerous 'bars' around the venue - beer, cocktails, spirits.   We ask that you do not take any plastic bottles into the workout arena.  If you do take stuff in, please make sure you leave your lane tidy for the next athletes. 

On both Friday and Saturday there are going to be epic tunes and also some unreal DJs and entertainment coming on in the main stage.  Line up coming soon. 


On the day we will have trained first aid staff in attendance.  We will also have physio treatment in operation.  We know how hard some of you work out and compete, so please do what you can to prepare and recover for the big day. 

Please stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids on the day.  The ground is a 4G synthetic grass pitch when can get a little hot under warm sunlight.  Please wear plenty of suncreen and a hat if you wish.

We want to make sure everyone has a super enjoyable day so if you have any concerns or injuries please speak to your judge or one of the TG staff.  If you are feeling light headed or unwell please let someone know as soon as possible so we can ensure you get recovered and can enjoy the day. 


RESPECT THE JUDGES.  The majority of staff have given up there time to come along and make sure the event runs smoothly.  We are determined to make this an incredible day for everyone involved.  Should you have any concerns about the workouts, judging etc on the day, please speak to your judge or master judge in a calm and respectful way.  

If you can listen out for any directions, instructions or timings on the day.  We will provide you where and when you need to be somewhere so please do adhere to the schedule.  If you take any water bottles etc into a workout arena, please take it out at the end. Also, please place any rubbish in the bins provided.

We are passionate about making the Under Armour Turf Games a high standard, competitive but fun event.


If you or you know someone who would like to help on the day, please email us at team@turfgames.com with subject line - SUMMER VOLUNTEER.  All staff will get free food, drinks, and tee to wear and be part of something special.


Scoring throughout the day will be via a 'Points' based system i.e. lowest points wins.  So if you come 1st in a workout you will get 1 point - i.e if you come 14th in a workout you will get 14 points. 

Elite Teams will compete in 8 scoring opportunity workouts.  Everyday Teams will have between 7 and 8 scoring opportunities depending on what arena's you compete in (all teams in a certain category - men's women's mixed - will compete in the same number of workouts)


EVERYDAY ATHLETE TEAMS - After all the workouts, the 4 teams with the highest scores in men's, women's and mixed, will go through to the Everyday Athlete Final.  There will be NO Semi Final.  Points will be reset for the FINAL and will be a 'Winner Takes All' format.

ELITE ATHLETE TEAMSAfter all the workouts, the 4 teams with the highest scores in men's, women's and mixed, will go through to the Elite Athlete Final.  There will be NO Semi Final.  Points will be reset for the FINAL and will be a 'Winner Takes All' format.

If for any reason teams are tied on points after the heats, the tie will be broken by a count back system where the team with the highest number of 'better finishers' in the events, will finish higher.  If we can't separate teams on this basis - a tie breaker workout will be enforced.


During a workout, if a piece of equipment a team is using breaks - i.e. ski erg/tank etc - the team will have the option to use the replacement equipment if available and continue on with the workout.  Or at the end of all the workouts and before the finals, the team will have the option to redo the workout.  If they choose to do this, they will not get any extra 'rest' time should they qualify for the finals.


On each station in the arena's, the judge will have the scoresheet where your teams score will be written.  At the end of your workout on that station, you need to check that the score written next to your team name is accurate and sign the score.

Once you are happy and signed your score sheet, you will need to initial next to the score.  They judge will the input into the scoreboard.

We have a LIVE scoreboard at the event powered by Team Aretas.  It takes around 5 minutes to update scores.  Please note, until ALL teams in your category (i.e. mixed teams) have completed the workout, your points are going to fluctuate.


Turf Games will do everything within its power to run drug free events - we believe in CLEAN SPORT and want to maintain the integrity of functional Fitness.  We do not yet have the budget to drug test individuals, athletes who enter the competition have the right to be on a level playing field of all other competitors.  We would like to think all athletes competing would not 'cheat' their fellow athletes - 'Seek Respect not attention. It lasts longer'

Turf Games prohibits athletes from using any performance enhancing, illegal substances. If it is found that an athlete is under the influence or use of such substances or alcohol while competing, Turf Games reserves the right to DISQUALIFY the athlete  & THEIR TEAM from the competition and/or revoke any prizes earned while under the influence or during the use of such substances.

It is important that all athletes conduct themselves within the rules of clean sport and make informed decisions to ensure they train and compete clean, using the anti-doping tools available to them.

You can read more here - UKAD


There will be prizes for the winning Elite + Everyday teams.  Stay tuned for more.


Now all that is left to do is