Thanks for signing up to take part in the Turf Games PRESEASON Training Programme.  Below is everything you need to know to get started and stay on track.

The programme is a 'set block' and will start on Tuesday May 12th.  If you miss a day that is fine, you can make it up as we will have pre built in rest days.


We will be using True Coach to deliver all the workouts to you.  Make sure you download the app.  In order to get started, please follow the below steps - 

  1. Please fill in this form - CLICK HERE
  2. Once you have filled in the above form, we will set you up on the app (iPhone only - see point 6 below) and you will receive an email asking you to join the Preseason programme. This will be done by Monday 11th May - keep an eye out for the email
  3. Please note, if you are currently linked to another coach on True Coach, you will need to ask them to remove you from their programme as the app only allows you to be assigned to one 'coach' at a time OR provide us with a different email address.
  4. You will begin to receive your workouts from Tuesday 12th May.
  5. On the app/website you can send us messages, post comments, record your thoughts, times, etc on any workouts.
  6. Quick point - True Coach is only available as an APP on iPhone. If you have an Android phone, the best thing to do is to open the True Coach web page in Chrome, then create a shortcut tile and save to your phone's home screen - this will allow easy access over the next few weeks.


The programme is a 4 week block that starts on Tuesday 12th May and ends on Saturday 6th June.  There are 5 workouts a week, with two rest days.  If you miss a day, no stress, you can always catch it up on a designated rest day. Each day there are two workouts - 1 x bodyweight and 1 x DB/KB.  The programme is designed that you only do one of these workouts a day - you aren't expected to do both of these.  Any questions please see below and do reach out.


Make sure you request to join our Facebook Group  - CLICK HERE. Once requested, we will accept you into the group. We will post various tips etc over the 4 week block.  Please use this group also to ask questions, share your goals - let's create a fun filled positive vibe that inspires others to push themselves and feel confident.


WEEK 2 ZOOM WORKOUTS - BOOK IN HERE. Sign up closes at 5pm Tuesday .

We had great fun in the week 1 Zoom classes, looking forward to this week.  Numbers will be limited per session. These zoom session allow you to ask any questions to Lee and him provide any feedback.  We will be doing Wednesday's workout in these sessions. Lee Phillips has programmed the workouts so please do feel free to drop him any questions on his Instagram as well @leephillips999.


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All discount codes will expire by 6th June.  


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Thank you again for being part of the Preseason Training Programme. We are super excited to get everyone set up and underway on Tuesday 12th May.  This is a 4 week programme  Remember, we are here every step of the way - have any questions around movements, injuries, subbing in exercises etc - please contact us either at

  • On the Facebook group
  • Private DM on Instagram/FB
  • Email -