SATURDAY 8TH FEBRUARY 2020 - The Turf Games is the ultimate team based fitness competition.  While fitness and competition is at the heart of what we are about, our festivals are a celebration of the community and fun that we love about fitness.  There will be great music, food brands, drinks brands, tech brands and some great activation's around the venue.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the 8th February at DOCK X for the Under Armour Turf Games Winter Festival 2020.  In terms of getting there - tube/overground is by far the easiest with Canada Water station a short 200m walk away.  There is no reserved parking at the venue for spectators. However, should you wish to drive there is some parking in the carpark next to Decathalon or in streets around.






7.30am - Athletes arrive from this time, with all teams having at least 1 athlete arrive no later than 8.10am ready for the athlete briefing.  ALL teams MUST have an athlete attend the briefing.  If your team has not checked in, please arrive no later than 7.30am as checking in the volume of teams we have takes time. If you have already checked in at CrossFit Putney on the 25th January (and still have all 5 wristbrands), please arrive no later than 8am - you will be able to hold your wristbands up and walk straight in.  However, if between the 25th Jan and 8th Feb - you lose your wrist band(s) - you will have to cue up at DOCK X and check in again. 

8.15am - Elite Athlete Briefing
8.40am - Everyday Athlete Briefing
8.45am - SPECTATORS can enter venue
9.30am - Round 1, Heat 1
11.30am - Round 2, Heat 1
13.20pm - Round 3, Heat 1
15.20pm- Round 4, heat 1
17.10pm - FINAL - EVERYDAY
17.30 - FINAL - ELITE
18.00 - Podiums
18.45pm - Venue Closes



We will have a number of things going on around the venue from our partners and vendors.  Under Armour (@underarmouruk) will be trialing there new TriBase Reign 2 training shoe in a purpose built gym - this will be open to both spectators and athletes to try - SIGN UP HERE.

Reign (@reignbodyfuel), our performance energy drink partner will be handing out free cans of their new drink as well as a few other activation's on their stand.  

4.45pm - We will have the England vs Scotland rugby game on the big screen with some great drink deals as well so hang around and enjoy the afternoon


Bodega Bay (@bodegabaydrink) will selling and sampling their delicious hard seltzer drinks.  Jubel (@jubelbeer) will return following a bumper 2019 London Summer Festival with us selling their award winning beers.  


We will have a DJ on the decks all day along with a couple of live music sets throughout the day


We will have an extensive food and beverage offering with everything from hot and cold grab n go options from the likes of Fresh Fitness Food, Oatopia (porridge, flapjacks, cakes etc) 3 coffee stations, Actiph Water, Mani Life peanut butter, Vits + Kicks with smoothies, juices and cocktails, The Curators + Turf Games apparel and accessories.


Come along and support the athletes as they compete and have a great day in our festival village.  Spectator tickets will be £10 and will be available to purchase very soon - numbers will be limited. Children under the age of 16 are free.

SPECTATOR TICKETS (SOLD OUT). Depending on venue numbers, we will look to open ticket sales on the door from 3pm.  It will be a 1 in 1 out policy.

*Please not dogs are not permitted by the venue unless they are service dogs and are clearly marked as such. Owners are responsible for any mess or damage.




You have been given your other 4 heat times - this is your fifth workout.  For Sideshow Alley you will choose what time you do this workout.  This must be done during your break in between your other heat times/workouts.


This workout will open at 11.50am. There will be available heat times EVERY 8 MINUTES from this time. e.g 11.50, 11.58, 12.06, 12.14 and so on.

Everyday Division will have 4 slots per available time, Elite division will have 3 slots per available time.  This last available time slot for ELITE teams will be 15.26pm and for EVERYDAY at 15.58pm.

This will be done via GOOGLE SHEETS - make sure you or someone in your team has access to this.  When this goes live you will need to write your complete and FULL TEAM NAME in your appropriate time - no abbreviations - must be your full name as per your registration name.

Time nomination will open at 930am on Tuesday 4th February.  Teams need to work out when best suits their team to complete this workout.   Make sure you have 2/3 options in case the time you want to compete is booked out.

Then on Saturday 8th February - it is your responsibility to turn up to Sideshow Alley on time.  If you miss your time, you may not be able to do the workout, however, we will do our best to fit you in.

ATHLETES, PLEASE NOTE - once the workouts stat at 9.30am, under no circumstances are you to 'sub' an athlete into any workout throughout the.  The 5 athletes on the scoring website MUST be the 5 who complete all the workouts.  If however, an athlete gets an injury and can no longer continue, please speak to Lee Phillips.  We may under certain circumstances, let the rest of the team compete so they can enjoy the day -  however, your scores will not count towards the overall leaderboard


The winning ELITE team will win

  • £1,500 cash
  • Free Entry to your next Under Armour Turf Games either in the UK or abroad
  • Sponsors prizes

The winning EVERYDAY team will win

  • £500 cash
  • Free Entry to your next Under Armour Turf Games either in the UK or abroad
  • Sponsors prizes


The London Winter Festival 2020 is MIXED TEAMS ONLY.

The event will have 150 teams competing - 100 Everyday Athlete teams and 50 Elite Athlete teams.


We are proud to be continuing our partnership with BLK BOX as the Official Equipment Supplier of the Under Armour Turf Games Winter Festival.  We will also have Concept2 ergs, Compete Force worms and Torque Tanks from MT3 Fitness


We want to make sure everyone has a super enjoyable day so if you have any concerns or injuries please speak to your judge or one of the TURF GAMES staff.  If you are feeling light headed or unwell please let someone know as soon as possible so we can ensure you get recovered and can enjoy the day.  Please stay hydrated. 

We will be providing a recovery area for all athletes to make running repairs throughout the day.  

Recovery Room Bodycare – will be bringing massage beds, their range of products and cream and massage guns.

Normatec UK - will be bringing 6 pairs of their compression boots and chairs

Live Free Wellness – will be bringing a number of massage beds for treatments by their team of physios/massage therapists.

We will also have Theragun massage guns in use as well.


Saturday 8th February 2020

The 2020 Under Armour Turf Games London Winter Festival will take place at DOCK X - Unit 1, Canada Water Retail Park, Surrey Quays Rd SE16 2XU.  Dock X is directly next to Canada Water train and tube station.  With such phenomenal transport links and multiple bars at the event, we suggest you leave the car at home! 

Spectator entry opens at 8.45am.

The facility is 100% indoors.  No need to worry about the cold or wet. Although, there is one workout which may involve running outside until 11am

All athletes will compete in a minimum of 5 workouts varying in length from 4 - 20 minutes.  The top 4 teams in the Everyday Athlete division will qualify for the 'winner takes all' final and the top 4 Elite Athlete teams will qualify for their 'winner takes all final'.


Please check your transport links as there has been some engineering works planned for the overground lines around canada water and trains arriving too.


The London Winter Festival 2020 is going to be MIXED TEAMS ONLY.  There are two divisions competing - 

  • Everyday Athlete teams.  Everyday teams should be 3 males and 2 females, but can be 3 females and 2 males if you wish. No other athlete combination is allowed.
  • Elite Athlete team.  Elite teams MUST be 3 males and 2 females.


Everyday athlete teams - these teams can include a maximum of 2 athletes who -

  • Have competed in the 'Elite' Division at an Under Armour Turf Games before or qualified for the Elite semi final/final (London Winter 2019), or
  • Won a Turf Games event (2018) prior to us introducing the divisions

The other 3 athletes must be people who have ONLY competed in the Everyday Athlete Division or are 'new' to competing at the Under Armour Turf Games. We will be monitoring this when athletes sign up to teams.  If for whatever reason on 8th February an Everyday Athlete team has more than 2 'Elite' athlete - they will be allowed to compete, however, they will be ineligible to make the finals of the Everyday division.

We do understand people take part/compete for various reasons but we do ask all athletes to 'respect' the divisions. 


ELITE - you back yourself as a good athlete and want to compete against the best.  While the Elite category will be more intense, it will also be loads of fun.

ELITE STANDARDS - In terms of standards elite male and female athletes should be able to (as a guide, it doesn't mean these will be the movements) - 

  • Deadlift reps at 100kg/70kg bar
  • Overhead barbell for reps 50kg/35kg barbell
  • Pick up and carry a 60kg/40kg dead ball
  • Dumbbell snatch reps at 22.5kg/15kg
  • Kettle bell rep with 32kg/20kg
  • There will of course be aerobic work which will make up a big portion of workouts as well.

EVERYDAY ATHLETE DIVISION -   The Everyday Athlete division will be like a throwback to your high school Sports day - loads of fun, lots of banter, plenty of sweating, a few challenges to test you and your team - and of course some rewards for doing well.   The weight & intensity will be less than ELITE.

This division is for teams who train pretty regularly, love a challenge, love fitness, want to have a great day out with friends, push themselves to a certain limit (but not too far) and be part of something special - and more than likely surprise yourself with what you can achieve as part of a team.  The Everyday division will consist of team relays, medley's, tyre flips, pushes and pulls - lots of fun stuff that doesn't require a huge amount of individual skill - just great team work!  Compete to win some great sponsors prizes and medals.

Everyday Standards- As a guide, in terms of weight, please see below.  The below does not mean that these will be in the workouts but are below as a guide  - 

  • Kettlebells will be no heavier than 16kg for females and 24kg for males
  • Any barbell over head no heavier than 25kg for females and 40kg for males
  • If there are deadlifts, they will be no heavier than 40kg for girls and 70kg for guys
  • Dumbbell snatch 12.5kg/20kg
  • Pick up a 30kg/50kg dead ball for 2 reps
  • If anything is going to be heavy, like the Winter Festival - we will allow you to select your own weights and perform as many reps as you can in a certain time.


The workout format will all be revealed closer to the time - but in true Under Armour Turf Games style - strategy, engine, power, endurance and mental strength will be the theme!

There will be no Oly lifting or gymnastic movements in either elite or everyday division finals


Our equipment sponsors for the event are BLK BOXConcept2, Torque Tank + Compete Force - we only use the best equipment that people train and use day in, day out

All exercises throughout the day will be movements that anybody who has been to a gym or played sport will be able to do - just the fun stuff. If the movement involves weight, it will be scaled so that all attending will be able to lift/move it – the stronger you are will just mean you will do more reps or complete the movement faster. Movements can include, as an example:

  • Barbell/dumbbell holds
  • Assault bikes
  • Concept 2 Ski/Bike Ergs and Rowing machines
  • Barbell work – deadlifts/shoulder press etc
  • Dumbell snatches/Dumbell lunges
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees/air squats/sit ups
  • Running
  • Torque tank push/pull
  • Farmers walks
  • Yoke carries
  • Monkey bars
  • Deadballs
  • Wall balls
  • Sand bags carry's and so on...