Turf Games Online Training

The Turf Games Online Training is here.  We are excited to offer our range of programmes so that you can train and connect with the Turf Games community wherever you are in the world.

Turf Games is a community that is built on inclusivity, authenticity and camaraderie.  We  believe in bringing people together, working as a team to achieve common goals, encouraging people to reach a higher level and connecting with like minded people through the love of functional fitness. 

No matter what your fitness level, from Turf rookie to an elite athlete, there is a spot for you on the TURF.  

Events are at the core of what we do, however, Turf Games is a complete functional fitness journey // Train . Compete . Recover //  We are excited to bring the TRAIN element to you now in a more comprehensive way.


Our various programmes are designed by our expert ambassadors and trainers who have written programmes allowing you to get the most out of your functional fitness journey.

Our programmes build the solid foundations of your functional fitness training - a broad base of strength, power, conditioning and endurance. Setting the bar from a low base with structured, incremental gains will set you up with the motivation to achieve the levels you were at quicker and safer, and then blow right past them.


The Turf Games Online Training programmes are much more than just that.  Our approach to training revolves around the below two pillars - 


These two pillars will ensure you stay accountable during your journey. 


We have a range of programmes and durations. Some will be a continual journey that will form the basis of your daily training, some programmes will be a set block which you can purchase and do the workouts whenever you have time.

All of our programmes, like Turf Games competitions are for ANYbody - whether you are a weekend warrior, looking to compete at a fitness competition, hone your strength and conditioning for a sport, lose some weight and build muscle or just want to move better - we got you.

Programmes will be a mix of and include

  • Strength 
  • Compound lift focused - squats, deadlifts etc
  • ESD - Energy System Development
  • Accessory work
  • Core strengthening
  • Mobility sessions

Plus a range of specialist progammes including focused around strength for running and rowing.

Our style of coaching ensures that you become a better athlete across all energy systems.  Throughout your journey there will be periods of testing and workouts where you can record your scores on the leaderboard and have some fun with others who are on the programme with you.

"Just a huge thankyou. Despite me having trained pretty consistently for many years, and after 10 years of marriage my husband blurted out yesterday that I was in the best shape I have ever been in. Thanks to TG and the amazing programming" - Angelique (Preseason 1, 2 + 3)



What website will my programming be delivered from?

We use the FITR APP to deliver the programme. You will sign up for the programme on here and everything will be recorded through this platform.

What if I don't see results or it isn't for me?

We stand by all our online training programmes and offer a 30 day from purchase money back guarantee.  If your situation changes, you can cancel your programme at anytime by logging into your account.

What equipment will I need?

We have various programmes on offer and all bases covered depending on your equipment level.  Bodyweight, single DB/KB, barbell, and the whole 9 yards of a full gym. You choose what is right for you.  The bodyweight or DB/KB programmes are a great add on to use when you are travelling, away from home, or weekends when you can't get to the gym.

How long is this programme?

Our programmes vary in length, some are rolling monthly programmes and some are set 4/8/12 week blocks.

What day can I start the programme on?

You can generally choose whatever day you like to start day 1, week 1.  This will be done when you sign up for the programme

What if I am not sure what a movement is?

All movements will have video demonstrations attached so you know exactly what you should be doing.

I am new to the 'functional fitness' world - is this programme scalable?

All workouts will build off YOUR own strength levels, and conditioning workouts can be scaled up and down depending on your capacity.  We can help you with any questions around this.

I have never competed in a functional fitness competition before or I don't want to compete, can I do these workouts?

Yes of course, this programme is built around the foundations of strength and conditioning training for anyone who wants to move better and be fitter for daily life - whether that is playing with your kids, doing a weekend workout with your friends or signing up for a fitness challenge.

I want to compete at a Turf Games competition, will this programme help me be ready for Game Day?

Yes of course, all the workouts and movements at our competitions are what forms the bass of our programming.  You may even get some inside knowledge of what workouts may be coming up ;)

Progress in our online programming and you will be a new athlete come Game Day! #FORTHEATHLETEWITHIN

How long are the sessions?

Programmes have either 4 or 5 day split weeks with sessions of most being 40-60 minutes.  

Will there be gymnastic and Olympic lifting movements?

The programmes on offer do not require any experience in either of those two disciplines in order to join and train with us

What if I miss a session/week?

If you fall behind, just pick back up on the current day.  If you are coming off a sustained lay off due to work commitments, illness or injury we suggest dropping us an email and we can offer our advice - however, no one knows your body better than you.

How long do I get the workouts for?

You keep the workouts for as long as you have your FITR account.  We use the web app 'FITR Training' with all workouts visible on here.

What if I have a question about a workout or movement?

We have a team of qualified coaches who can answer any questions about the programme on our Facebook group, email or private message. Anything from - how to scale a workout due to an injury or want to know how to improve a movement - we got you.

 Any further other questions, please email us at team@turfgames.com