If you thought 2018 was big, you will be blown away by this year's Summer Fitness Festival.  We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Under Armour to bring you the Under Armour Turf Games - Summer Festival - LDN 2019.

We are also happy to announce that all our 2018 arenas are back to go bigger and better for 2019 to bring you exciting new workouts and equipment you have never seen before - Gymbox, Third Space, KXU, Core Collective, Farm Fitness and new arenas Evolve353 and WIT Training.

Rosslyn Park, Barnes South West London will again play host again - new layouts and workout formats

The event will be run over two days.  Friday June 14th will see our first ever Friday Night Lights Corporate Charity Cup and Saturday 15th June for the BIG Athlete Day. 


The Under Armour Turf Games is the ultimate team based fitness competition.  While fitness and competition is at the heart of what we are about, our festivals are a celebration of the community and fun that we love.  The competition is built for the athletes, while the festival atmosphere is all centered around the spectators and making it a great experience.   There will be amazing music provided some cool DJs, food brands, drinks brands, tech brands and some great activation's around the venue.


Loved your high school PE or Sports day?  You will love this. 

Friday the 14th June will see companies going head to head across a range of workouts all in the name of charity. Of course there will be a winners and alot of hard work, sweat and hi 5's.  Banks, law firms, property companies, marketing/advertising, tech firms - any business can enter.  Details - 

  • Athletes arrive by 4pm
  • Workouts start at 530pm
  • Teams of 5 athletes - MIXED TEAMS ONLY (mixed is 3 guys and 2 girls)
  • All teams will compete in 5 Arena's with the top teams going through to the Final
  • The workouts will be team relays, tyre flips, small amounts of running, rowing erg etc etc
  • The standard of weight/intensity will be 'Everyday Athlete'.  See the 'Standard for Everyday and Corporate' below as a guide.
  • Team Entry for the Corporate Competition is £375 with a portion of all proceeds going to our nominated Charity Partner.  
  • We are proud to announce that Laureus Sports will be the man Charity Partner of our 2019 Summer Festival. Click on the image to find out more about the great work Laureus - Sport for good, does around the world

The Friday night competition will all happen under lights.  There will be unreal music vibes, bars open, drinks, BBQ etc and some great spectacles and interactions for the spectators.  The competition will run until 830pm and party will continue until 10pm.


For this event we will be having too distinct divisions - ELITE & EVERYDAY. 

The Elite teams will undertake one workout on Friday Night 14th, with the remainder of workouts on the Saturday 15th. 

'Everyday Athlete' teams will ONLY compete on the Saturday 15th.   


The Saturday event will require athletes to arrive by 730am, all everyday athlete teams will work through 3 arenas and then top 4 teams from each category (men's / women's / mixed)

What is the difference between the divisions?

ELITE - you back yourself as a good athlete and want to compete against the best.  There will be some serious prizes on offer for this division.  We will have international athletes flying in to compete to try and take the title. Categories will be Men's, Women's and Mixed - 5 athletes per team.  Elite teams will compete in one workout on the Friday Night, and then the rest of the workouts on the Saturday. Athletes will need to be available for Friday & Saturday.  Mixed teams MUST be 3 male and 2 female athletes.  While the Elite category will be more intense, it will also be loads of fun.

ELITE STANDARDS - In terms of standards elite male and female athletes should be able to (as a guide, it doesn't mean these will be the movements) - 

  • Deadlift reps a 110kg/70kg bar
  • Overhead for reps 55kg/32.5kg barbell
  • Pick up and carry a 70kg/40kg dead ball
  • Dumbell snatch reps at 25kg/17.5kg
  • Kettle bell rep with 32kg/24kg
  • There will of course be aerobic work which will make up a big portion of workouts as well.



EVERYDAY ATHLETE DIVISION -   The Everyday Athlete division will be like a throwback to your high school Sports day - loads of fun, lots of banter, plenty of sweating, a few challenges to test you and your team - and of course some rewards for doing well.   The weight & intensity will be less than ELITE.

This division is for those athletes (we think everyone is an athlete :) who train pretty regularly, love a challenge, love fitness, want to have a great day out with friends, push themselves to a certain limit (but not too far) and be part of something special - and more than likely surprise yourself with what you can achieve as part of a team.  The Everyday division will consist of team relays, medley's, tyre flips, pushes and pulls - lots of fun stuff that doesn't require a huge amount of individual skill - just great team work!  Compete to win some great sponsors prizes and medals.

STANDARDS for Everyday and Corporate Event - 

As a guide, in terms of weight, please see below.  The below does not mean that these will be in the workouts but are below as a guide  - 

  • Kettlebells will be no heavier than 16kg for females and 24kg for males
  • Any barbell over head no heavier than 25kg for females and 40kg for males
  • If there are deadlifts, they will be no heavier than 40kg for girls and 70kg for guys
  • If anything is going to be heavy, like the Winter Festival - we will allow you to select your own weights and perform as many reps as you can in a certain time.


Types of exercises...

The arenas which will be hosted by London's best and biggest gyms and studios will be programming some unreal Turf Games style workout.

All exercises throughout the day will be movements that anybody who has been to a gym or played sport will be able to do - just the fun stuff – there will be NO gymnastic or heavy Olympic weightlifting style movements. If the movement involves weight, it will be scaled so that all attending will be able to lift/move it – the stronger you are will just mean you will do more reps or complete the movement faster. Movements can include, as an example:

  • Barbell/dumbbell holds
  • Assault Airbikes
  • Team relays
  • Torque Tanks
  • Concept 2 Ski/Bike Ergs and Rowing machines
  • Barbell work – deadlifts/shoulder press etc
  • Dumbell snatches/Dumbell lunges
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees/air squats/sit ups/push ups
  • Running
  • Prowler push/pull
  • Farmers walks
  • Deadballs
  • Wall balls
  • Tyre flips
  • Sand bag carry's and so on...