Pre Season Training Program


After a whirlwind 5 weeks launching Home Games 1.0 and then straight into 2.0, we thought it would be a great time to regroup and introduce 'structure' to the Turf Games workouts.  We are excited to introduce the TURF GAMES PRESEASON TRAINING PROGRAMME.

Pre-season training  (prē′sē′zən trā′nĭng) noun. is training that occurs in the timeframe directly proceeding the actual sports season.

If there is one take away that we hope everyone has during this period, from a fitness perspective, is be more emotionally connected as to WHY you train and less attached to the tools of HOW you train to fulfill that WHY.

"During the Home Games 1.0 & 2.0, I lost 1.5kg,
ran my fastest ever 1km time, re-built my push up endurance,
got my love for competing back...can't wait to get on the field of dreams"
Samantha Cubbins,
Home Games participant 


Ask yourself this - are you lacking direction with your home training during this time and doing HiiT workout after HiiT workout with no goal in mind? Do you want to come out of 'Preseason' stronger and fitter than when you started?

What if over the next 4 weeks you could achieve this and be more ready for what lies ahead?

This is exactly why we have created this programme.  The Preseason Training Programme will be a 4 week training block designed specifically to benefit those who are wanting structure and variety around their training at home.   Designed  by the same team that programmed Home Games.  There will be a full bodyweight workouts and also a dumbbell/kettlebell programme provided. 

It will be built around the above over a 5 day split and will be for people of ALL abilities - from beginner, to intermediate to advanced.  Can't do something on the program, let us know and we can substitute.  Each week builds upon the previous one in which we will use a variety of tools to increase intensity over the course of the program, culminating in some pretty tough sessions at the end of the 4 week block! 




Everyone is stuck at home - some have equipment and most don't. That's why we have designed this program to cater to people who are in either camp.  Everyone who signs up will get access to the Bodyweight only + Kettlebell/Dumbbell program. 


For those who don't have any gym equipment, the Bodyweight Only programme will ensure you can have a structured workout 5 days a week to work through a range of various movements, plenty of variety, tempo movements, endurance and stamina workouts


Requirements - minimum 1 Dumbbell or Kettlebell.

Ideally you have a KB/DB weight that you can press above your head for minimum 5 reps

Adding an element of weight and equipment will allow your body to build strength and also allow for a bigger variety of movements.


  • Connect to the Turf Games Private Facebook Community
  • 4 week training program
  • 5 workouts per week + recovery days delivered via an app
  • Starting Tuesday 12th May and finishing 5th June
  • Movements to build strength and 'finishers' to build your engine
  • Around the clock support from our coaching team
  • 4 x Zoom workouts - 1 per week to allow you to ask any question and our coaches to provide feedback
  • One off cost of £25.00

As part of signing up, the first 100 people to sign up to Preseason will also get exclusive discounts at

  • UNDER ARMOUR UK - discount off gear
  • TURF GAMES - 25% discount off Turf Games gear*
  • OPTIMUM NUTRITION - exclusive 25% code to buy product on their site*
  • FRESH FITNESS FOOD - exclusive 20% off code to order your meal plans according to your goals and macros*^

*UK/Europe only // *^UK Only



Once you join the sign up to the programme - you will have access to our Facebook group where you will have a community of like minded individuals and our leading specialist coaches who will be able to support you on your training journey every step of the way - whatever your end goal.

Your training plan will be run through an app - TrueCoach.  Once signed up, each day your workout will be delivered to you -

  • No more thinking about what you need or should be doing
  • Sustainable routine and structured programming 
  • All workouts are scalable up or down, depending on your abilities
  • Consistency is key to any training program in order to get results - we will keep you accountable