Max & Aegle Mixed Team Event


November 4th & 5th we will be hosting our Mixed Teams event at the incredible facilities at Max & Aegle, Dubai.

We have been working hard over the past 12 months to really ramp up the Turf Games Dubai experience and create something special - 2021 is going to be just that.


The Under Armour Turf Games prides itself on being the most inclusive functional fitness community and competition in the world. The workout format will all be revealed closer to the time - but in true Turf Games style - tactics, teamwork, engine, power and mental strength will be the theme!

We will have a full music and DJ setup amping up the athletes and the atmosphere alongside our resident MC.

In terms of movements - think assault bikes, ski ergs, rowers, dead balls, running, swimming*, dead lifts, squats, carries, sleds and more. 

*Max & Aegle has a 25m swimming pool.  Not all athletes will be required to swim - minimum 2 athletes per team. One workout will have a swimming element, you can break up the swim between athletes according to your team's tactics .


Anyone from around the world can enter a team of 5.  Whether you are based in Dubai or abroad. Turf Games welcomes anybody and everybody to be part the TG Community. 

This competition, like all our events are open to people of all abilities - from TG rookies to experienced fitness competitors - you love fitness and being part of a team - the TURF is for you!


In accordance with events being held in Dubai, we will be asking all attendees to show proof of double vaccination, or a negative PCR test done in the 72 hours prior to the event.

The event will be outdoors, with only toilets, some food and change rooms inside the building.  Athletes when NOT competing and spectators, will need to be in a mask and maintain 2m social distancing.



The entire event will be outdoors at Max & Aegle. We will be working with the M&A team as well as our official Dubai equipment partner - Vivo Fitness - to deliver some amazing workouts on the TURF.


There will be two divisions to choose from - 

  • ELITE TEAM - 3M/2F
  • EVERYDAY TEAM - 3M/2F or 3F/2M

See more information below for division guidance.



Elite Teams Only - Similar to our London Summer Festival where we host a Friday Night Lights Endurance workout, we will be bringing this format to Dubai, for the first time outside the UK - only this time, on a Thursday night!  With heats starting at 6pm, each team will compete in one 27 minute time capped workout. There is something special about an 'under lights' workout - buzzing for this one. Please note Everyday Athlete teams will not be competing on the Thursday night, but can come along and watch.


Everyday + Elite Teams - Teams will compete across a minimum of 4 workouts on GAME DAY.  Workouts will be a maximum of 14 minutes in length.  Teams will have approximately 90 minutes between workouts to relax, recover and support their fellow athletes.

This is NOT a 'CrossFit' comp - rather a functional fitness comp - no Oly Lifting  or gymnastic movements (no handstands, muscle ups etc). The workouts will be accessible to anyone who attends a gym. Elite team members should be able to perform a GTOH (either split jerk/ or push jerk for example and also climb a rope)


Team entry for Everyday teams will be at $300USD per team of 5 for Early Bird ($60/athlete), then will be $350USD.

Team entry for Elite Teams will be at $325USD for Early Bird entry ($65/Athlete).  Once Early Bird is sold out, team entry will be $375USD ($75/athlete). 

All prices are in US Dollars.  

All athletes competing will receive an exclusive Under Armour x Turf Games Dubai top as part of their entry, as well as an exclusive Under Armour discount code to shop instore.


Under Armour Middle East are kindly giving all athletes that sign up an exclusive Under Armour x Turf Games top plus bag.  This will need to be picked up at the Under Armour Dubai mall shop between 29th October and 3rd November.  All athletes will be able to also shop an exclusive Turf Games discount in store so you will have all the best gear ready for GAME DAY!


You can enter with confidence if COVID prevents the event from happening.  We will refund your entry if, 

  • The event is unable to happen due to COVID
  • You are travelling from abroad and local restrictions prevent you from entering DUBAI.


  • When you purchase your team entry, you do not need to know who will be your other 4 athletes.  All you will need to do is purchase your team. You will need to link your other 4 team members prior to the 4th November.
  • Click the below link to secure your team entry. Once entered we will be in touch in the coming months with more details


We have some big prizes on offer for teams who make the podium at this years team event.  Not only the below, the winning Elite Mixed team will also qualify as our first WORLD FINAL to be held end November/Early December 2022.

The Champion Elite Team will win £1,500 cash + a 20,000 AED (approx. £4,000) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store. 

Elite 2nd Place Team will win a 15,000 AED team (approx. £3,000) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store.

Elite 3rd Place Team will win a 10,000 AED team (approx. £2,000) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store.

The Champion Everyday Team will win a 20,000 AED team (approx. £4,000) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store.

Everyday 2nd Place Team will win a 15,000 AED team (approx. £3,000) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store.

Everyday 3rd Place Team will win a 10,000 AED team (approx. £2,000) Under Armour shopping voucher to be spent within the month from the Under Armour Dubai Mall store.  



If you are wanting to be on the TURF and a part of the 'Dubai City Series', have an epic day out in the sun with your friends, throw around a few high fives and enjoy the atmosphere - but ultimately have a FUN SOCIAL day - this division is for you.

  • 10 x DB Snatch - 12.5kg/20kg
  • 30sec Assault bike - 5/10 calories
  • 20m Dead Ball Carry - 20kg/40kg
  • 4 Dead Ball to Shoulder - 20/40kg
  • 6 x Barbell Shoulder Press - 25kg/40kg
  • 8 x Deadlift - 50kg/80kg
  • 1km Row/Ski sub - 5.30min/4.30min


    Want to push yourself a little further to see how far your team can go across a range of fun but tougher workouts and challenges and potentially win some big prizes - lock in the Elite category! Weights may be heavier than below but if you can do the below, you will be able to do nail the workouts.

    If you are a personal trainer and have a sports background, please consider entering the Elite category.  

    • 10 x DB Snatch - 15/22.5kg
    • 30sec Assault bike - 8/14 calories
    • 20m Dead Ball Carry - 40/60kg
    • 4 Dead Ball to Shoulder - 40/60kg
    • 6 x Shoulder Barbell Push Press/Front Squat - 35/60kg
    • 8 x Barbell clean - 35/60kg
    • 8 x Deadlift - 60/100kg
    • 1km Row/Ski sub - 4.30min/3.45min
    • GTOH - either split jerk or push jerk
    • Rope climbs (with the use of legs - not legless)


    Elite teams - The top 4 teams after all workouts are complete will qualify for a winner takes all final where the intensity will go up a few notches.  Points will be reset and the team that wins the final will be the overall winner of the day.

    Everyday teams - the team on top of the leaderboard at the end of GAME DAY will be crowned CHAMPS.



    Want to volunteer as a judge or crew member to help make the 2021 Dubai City Series something special?  We are on the lookout for people to join our team in roles like master judge,  judge, crew, equipment set up and more.  Everyone who joins will be kitted out in Under Armour Gear, receive food and snacks all day and more.  It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned fitness competition expert or it's your first time, we would love to have you.

    Click HERE for more information and to go on the list.  We will email everybody by early February with details.


    We would love to have spectators at the event cheering on the athletes and adding to the atmosphere. We will be monitoring the guidance around our event and numbers over the coming months.  We are hoping to be able to have spectators on both days. 


    Like our other international events - and Dubai in 2020 - there will be a build up to the event. The official Under Armour Turf Games events for 2021 start at the Dubai Active show on October 28th - 30th.  On November 1/2/3, we will link up with key Dubai fitness studios and gyms (+beach) to host workouts throughout the week which you can be a part of plus check out the sights and the best of what Dubai has to offer - think Atlantis water park and dune buggying!


    The Turf Games team will be staying at Rove La Mer for the duration of the two weeks and the hotel has kindly offered a discount for rooms at this hotel for anyone heading to Dubai for the Turf Games events. We will add this code here very soon.

    Use code - TURF - for 20% off your accommodation. Make sure you include the breakfast option when booking. Valid between 20th Oct and 15th Nov 2021.


    If you are interested in coming to Dubai and would like to know more about the Turf Games crew travel plans and where we will be staying please email us at with any questions and we will be happy to chat with you.