Want to see all the photos from the 2022 London Summer Festival?

In line with other global fitness competitions including Ironman, Spartan and Hyrox - we partnered with Sportograf for the first time this weekend, to deliver each athlete their own personal album from their weekends efforts.  

Given the size of the event this year, we wanted to work with a partner who could look to deliver a package of photos to as many athletes as possible - if not every single athlete.  Without having Sportograf on the TURF, a very large portion of athletes would not be in any photos. This has happened at previous events and we want to provide an athlete experience that solved this issue.  

Check out the instructions below to find out how to view and purchase them.

Quick Steps Here:

  1. Click THIS link
  2. Set up a profile on the website
  3. Once set up you can activate facial recognition to search for your images
  4. The website will deliver all the images that you feature in to your account
  5. You can then purchase and download all the images of you on the TURF!

Simply go to Sportograf and select your day.

When activating facial recognition you will need to upload a selfie, don't worry, the image is only used for the search and not stored or used for any other purpose.

Sportograf's Face Recognition software is very fast, in no time you will be able to see all photos that you feature in. These are then available for you to purchase if you would like to.

If you think the system might have missed some of your images, just click on "Are there more photos of me?” Here you can choose between SMART and Categories. SMART will automatically find photos that might be you, and on Categories, you can choose your Arena and then scroll the timeline to find yourself.

Once you have found other photos of yourself, you can then click “That's Me" and enter your email to tag yourself on that photo. The Sportograf team will check and add it to your portfolio.

Should you have any issues, please contact who will be able to assist you.

We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy the photos.