We commence the 5th installment of our Home Games Franchise - looks like this will be the last 'lockdown version ….  LET'S GO!

Some of you may have seen our announcement last week that we are partnering with the data driven fitness brand -  Archon.  For the first time across any of our competitions, we will be introducing their scoring methodology that will take into account an athletes age, gender, height, weight and wingspan - which will give you your relative score - based on YOU as an athlete.  We will develop this over time but look forward to our community trialling this new partnership in a small way during 5.0.


Like our earlier versions of Home Games, we are going to have two formats for you to get involved with - 

  1. Individual - Bodyweight only
  2. Mixed Pairs - Equipment (DB or KB)

To answer your question - YES, you certainly can sign up and take part in both Individual and mixed pair competitions.

HOME GAMES 5.0 is open to everyone in the world - no matter what city or country you are in - we would love to have you involved.


It is FREE to be part of 5.0 and sign up is now OPEN:

CLICK HERE - to sign up for INDIVIDUAL

CLICK HERE - to sign up for MIXED PAIRS


Pairs are made up of 1 male and 1 female. This category will put one more layer to bring it closer to what a Turf Games comp is about - Tactics and Teamwork.

If you are currently living with or near the person you will team up with then great, however, we realise that some people won't be.  The idea of this category is to encourage people to jump on a video call, communicate, discuss strategy and then execute the workout. The workouts will be programmed (the majority) where you will need to be doing them together over video so you can see what each other is doing (Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype etc) - think You Go I Go and synchro movements.  There will also be workouts where you do the workout individually and then add your scores or times together to give you your team score.

If you are signing up for the MIXED PAIRS category,

  • one of you will need to sign up first and create the 'PAIR', think of a team name and then 'invite' your partner. 
  • You can invite your partner by either searching for them if they have done a Turf Games before, or type in their email address and send an invite via email (please check your junk mail if it doesn't come through).
  • Please note, the email you invite them to will need to be the same email address that they either already have an account with on Team Aretas or the one they use to set up an account.
  • Once logged into the account - you accept the invitation to join the team (or click the email invitation again to join the team)



All you will need is yourself and a chair or similar (step, bench etc).


The workouts will require a DB or KB to complete, you can have any weight you like, however, we know everyone has access to different weights at home so we will have two 'categories of workouts'.

The standard workouts which will be deemed to be 'RX' will require you to have a 22.5kg or 15kg DB (male/female). If your weight is heavier than 22.5/15kg - then you also enter your score as RX.

If at least one athlete in the pair has any other weight of DB or KB lighter than the 2 listed above, you will enter your scores, according to the Team Aretas website, as 'scaled'. 

There will be no need to film workouts, just submit your scores on our live scoreboard. We will work on an honesty system and trust everyone will enter accurate scores and complete movements correctly. However, we do encourage you to film the workouts and put them on Insta stories so we can give any feedback, give you encouragement and reshare your efforts.

Workout 1 - will go live on Friday 26th February at 9am GMT, score entered in by Thursday 1st April @ 9pm GMT.

Workout 2 - will go live on Wednesday 3rd March, score entered in by Thursday 1st April @ 9pm GMT.

Sideshow Alley - will go live on Friday 5th March, score entered in by Thursday 1st April @ 9pm GMT.

Workout 3 - will go live on Friday 12th March, score entered in by Thursday 1st April @ 9pm GMT.

Workout 4 - will go live on Friday 19th March, score entered in by Thursday 1st April @ 9pm GMT.

Workout 5 - will go live on Friday 26th March, score entered in by Thursday 1st April @ 9pm GMT.



    Entry to the competition is now OPEN. 

    It is FREE to sign up and take part.  

    As part of your entry, you will also get

    • Exclusive discounts from some of our partner brands  -  everything you need to ramp up your functional fitness journey and make 2021 your best year yet.
    • Invitation to our private Facebook Competition Community where we will captains and athletes will be connected throwing around some tips, tactics and banter
    • Who knows you might meet some amazing new people - there is no better way to bond then through hard work (and fun)!


      All those that take part will go in the draw to win prizes from our partner brands as listed above. In order to be eligible you must submit scores for 5 out of the 6 workouts - prizes will be awarded randomly based this.


      On the leaderboard, for Mixed Pairs, all the 'RX' pairs will appear at the top, then all the scaled below. For example, if 50 pairs do the RX workout, and you do the scaled and get the best score, you will appear 51st on the leaderboard - with 51 points be allocated to your teams tally. You need to click on the individual workouts (ONE / TWO etc) to see which athletes have done 'RX' as they will have the RX symbol next to them. 


      As part of the 5.0, both the Individual and Mixed Pairs competitions will have some workouts using the Archon scoring methodology.  The scores for these workouts will take into account your height, weight, age, gender and wingspan.  Archon scores would normally have one joined leaderboard for both males and females, however, for 5.0 we will be having a separate male and a female category as there will be some non-Archon workouts throughout.  We are 'dipping our toe' in the water with this style of scoring and looking forward to seeing our community trying it out.  The full Archon experience will be coming soon with a big, new comp format we are launching.

      In order to submit your Archon scores onto Team Aretas -

      1. You will need to create an account on Archon (link will be sent soon)
      2. You will need to put in your metrics of gender, height, weight and wingspan (if you don't know your wingspan which measures finger tip to finger tip, just put the same as your height)
      3. Once you create your profile you click on the 3 lines in top left hand corner which opens up menu and you click on 'COMBINES'
      4. Then 'Enter my Combines'
      5. Then towards the top right of the page is a section to enter a PIN number.  All those that sign up to 5.0 will be sent this prior to the Archon workouts going live
      6. You will click on assessments, do the workout and your score out of 100 will come up.  You will take this number - e.g 65.43, and go to the corresponding workout in your Team Aretas account for 5.0 and submit this score for the workout.


      Getting a fast time or high score is great - but watching the movements standards, reading the workout and doing PERFECT REPS is much more important! 

      Once you have read and watched all the workout information closely, competed the workout, the next step is to login to your account and enter your scores.

      • Login to your account that you registered for the competition with, click on the ADD SCORE button, view the workout and enter your score by hitting 'submit'.
      • For mixed pairs, if you are using a 22.5kg (male) or 15kg (female) dumbbell (or heavier weight), you will need to select 'RX' .  Any other weight of DB or KB - you need to select 'scaled' when entering your score.
      • You DO NOT have to upload a video of you doing the workout - this is an honesty based 'competition' with prizes for participation, not winning as such.
      • However, if you film your workout, make sure you a post a story tagging @turfgames so we can reshare and have more chance of winning some prizes. For more chances of being shared, you can tag our partners as well.
      • ALL workouts need there scores submitted by Thursday 1st April 9pm.
      • You can redo the workout, enter your as many times as you like before entering the final score deadline as stated above


        ARE YOU IN?