Get involved from the comfort of your own home.

Took part in Home Games 1.0, saw your friends getting involved or just want to know more about Home Games 2.0 and sign up - you are in the right place!

After the success of our first ever 'virtual' Turf Games where almost 2,000 people from 27 countries took part in 5 workouts as a way to stay active and have some fun during during lockdown - we are excited to be launching 2.0.


In these strange and unprecedented times it is more important than ever that we stay connected - albeit virtually.

With the only place to work out now in your own home, backyard or a solo walk/run (in some countries), it can be quite hard to find motivation or variety.

On Friday 17th April we are putting our second Turf Games 'spin' on the home workouts and launching HOME GAMES 2.0 - a bit of friendly competition with a Live! Leaderboard and chance to win some great prizes from our partners.  This will be a series of 5 workouts over two weeks.  

The difference - there will be TWO divisions that you can enter


This competition will have two categories

  • Adults - age up to 35
  • Legends (Masters) - age 36+

  • One open age category 


Pairs are made up of 1 male and 1 female. This category will put one more layer to bring the comp closer to what a Turf Games comp is about - Tactics and Teamwork.

If you are currently living with the person you will team up with then great, however, we realise the majority of people won't be.  The idea of this new category is to encourage people to jump on a video call, communicate, discuss strategy and then execute the workout - staying connected in these times is more important than ever.  The workouts will be programmed (the majority) where you will need to be doing them together over video so you can see what eachother is doing (Zoom, Facetime, Whatspp, Skype etc) - think You Go I Go and syncrho movements.

YES, you can enter as an individual and also a Mixed Pair.  The workouts for Individuals and Mixed Pairs will most often be a little different so you can sign up as an individual and also as a mixed pair and have twice the fun.


This 'competition' is designed to break up your day, keep moving, connect with others in the community and have some fun.

Like 1.0, this will be FREE to enter.  There will be no need to film workouts, just submit your scores on our live scoreboard.  We will work on an honesty system and trust everyone will enter accurate score and complete movements correctly. However, we do encourage you to film the workouts and put them on Insta stories so we can give any feedback, give you encouragement and reshare your effort and spread the positive vibes.

Prizes will be awarded based on participation and selected randomly each week.


At a time when health should be paramount, please ensure you read the signs of your body. If you are feeling unwell at all, please do not take part in these games or workouts.  While these workouts are for a 'score', we do not want people pushing themselves into the red zone each day.  Listen to your body, have some fun with the workouts but don't put yourself in to a 'dark place' each time.  Over the coming weeks and potentially months, it is a great time to work on your breathing, your mobility, sleep and nutrition.  Pay attention to your body.



First group of prize winners will be announced on Monday 27th April - you must have completed and submitted minimum 2 out of 3 workout scores to be in the chance of winning.

Second group of prize winners will be announced on Tuesday 5th May - you must have completed and submitted minimum 4 out of 5 workout scores to be in the chance of winning.


All workouts will be bodyweight, with no gym equipment needed

Workouts will be released at 9am (UK Time) on -

Workout 1 - Friday 17th April 

Workout 2 - Tuesday 21st April

Workout 3 - Friday 24th April

Workout 4 - Tuesday 28th April

Workout 5 - Friday 1st May

Score submission - Scores for ALL workouts to be submitted by 4pm (UK time) Monday 4th May.  You can submit scores and then redo workouts as often as you like, updating your score each time.



Sign up to HOME GAMES 2.0 is now open.  

If you are signing up for the MIXED PAIRS category,

  • one of you will need to sign up first and create the 'PAIR' (think of a cool team name) and then 'invite' your partner. 
  • You can do this by either searching for them if they have done a Turf Games before, or type in their email address and send an invite via email (please check your junk mail).
  • Please note, the email you invite them to will need to be the same email address that they either already have an account with on the website or the one they use to set up an account.
  • Once logged into the account - you accept the invitation to join the team (or click the email invitation again to join the team)


WHO CAN ENTER - Anyone can enter, this is open globally

COST - It is free to enter


PRIZES - From our partners, see above, and will be awarded randomly based on taking part.



So you are signed up to the HOME GAMES 2.0 or you want to be? Click the above link, you have until 30th April to sign up.

Getting a fast time or high score is great - but watching the movements standards, reading the workout and doing PERFECT REPS is greater! 

The next step is to login to your account, complete the workouts and enter your scores.

  • Login to your account that you registered for the competition, click on the ADD SCORE button,  view the workout and enter your score by hitting 'submit'.
  • You DO NOT have upload a video of you doing the workout - this is an honesty based 'competition' with prizes for participation, not winning as such
  • However, if you film your workout, make sure you a post a story tagging @turfgames so we can reshare and have more chance of winning some prizes. For more chances of being shared, you can tag @underarmouruk, @blkboxfitness, @optimumnutrition_uk @alphafit_aus and more and add the gif 'stay home' to your story.
  • ALL workouts need there scores submitted by 4pm (UK time) on May 4th.  
  • You can redo the workout, enter your as many times as you like before entering the final score deadline as stated above

Make sure when you take part in the workouts you tag us in your stories so we can share everyone's efforts.