SEPTEMBER 14th 2019 – The location was CrossFit Putney in London’s Southwest.  48 athletes, 24 women and 24 men lined up to be crowned London’s Under Armour Turf Games Fittest in the City.

Athletes were invited to compete at this event based on results over the past 12-18 months taking part at Turf Games events.  Athletes who were part of winning teams were invited first alongside athletes who had made multiple finals plus a number of wildcard entries.  The only way to qualify for a Fittest in the City is to have competed at a Turf Games team event previously.

 We always knew this was going to be a big event with the calibre of athletes accepting the invitations.  However, it is fair to say the competition exceeded everyone’s expectations. For a lot of these athletes, it was their first time competing as an individual.  Putting yourself on show with nowhere to hide and to be judged takes a huge amount of courage.

Working with Under Armour elevated the event to a whole new level with all the athletes looking amazing in the latest performance product including the Rush tops and Tribase Reign trainers as well as the content coming off the back of the athlete performances.


With hundreds of spectators cheering on the athletes, it was not hard to see why so many people hit PBs and got wrapped up in the atmosphere.

A massive thankyou to all the judges and crew who made the event possible. After each event the judge and crew team gets stronger and stronger.  If you want to be part of this amazing community - fill in your details in the 'Volunteer' section HERE



2nd – Will Kane

3rd – Keith Barlow



2nd – Robin Swinkles

3rd - Zoe Lawrenson



Michael and Ruth have booked their ticket to Sydney as part of Team UK to take on Team Oz in Sydney in November in the 2nd Official ‘Ashes of Fitness’.



Here are the scores from the majority of the workouts. To see the full workout list and also results please click further below.



Athletes had to complete a 2km/1.5km outdoor run and make their way back into CrossFit Putney where on minute 12 of the 20 minute time cap workout they began a 2km/1.5km row

WOMEN 1.5km row times

MEN 2km row times

1st – Robin Swinkles – 5.12

1st –  Keith Barlow - 6.30

2nd – Ruth Hitchen – 5.32

2nd – Luke Ebron - 6.38

3rd – Emma Kirk –Odunubi – 5.37

3rd – Joshua Al-chamaa - 6.39

4th – Jo Richardson-Watmore – 5.39

4th – Michael Smith - 6.44

5th – Tiffanie West – 5.40

5th – Sior Walbyoff - 6.54




Athletes had 0-2 minutes to perform max reps of bodyweight barbell back squats.  Then a 2 minute transition into 6 minutes to set a 3RM max deadlift. 

WOMEN Reps Bodyweight Squats

MEN Reps Bodyweight Squats

1st – Beth Poppleton - 35 reps

1st –  Will Kane - 48 reps

2nd – Zoe Lawrenson - 33 reps

2nd – Daine Mitchell - 47 reps

3rd – Alice Hayes - 32 reps

3rd – Joshua Al-chamaa - 46 reps

4th – Ruth Hitchen - 30 reps

3rd – Scott Britton - 46 reps

4th – Rachel Langford - 30 reps

3rd – Miles Canning - 46 reps

4th – Jess Rosart - 30 reps

6th - Dan O'Connor - 45 reps



WOMEN 3RM Deadlift

MEN 3RM Deadlift

1st – Eorann O'Neill - 151kg

1st –  Miles Canning - 220kg

2nd – Robin Swinkles - 150kg

2nd – Luke Ebron - 215kg

3rd – Sian Myers - 142kg

3rd – James Pook 212kg

4th – Jo Richardson-Watmore – 5.39

4th – Michael Smith - 211kg

5th – Emma Kirk-Odunubi - 135kg

5th – Keith Barlow - 210kg

5th - Jess Rosart - 135kg

5th – Ollie Cooper Miller – 210kg

7th - Chrissy Birtwistle - 134kg

5th - Chris Rigby - 210kg



Athletes had to complete 3 rounds for time of – 30 wall balls 6/9kg, 20 alternating dumbbell snatches 15/22.5kg, 10 box step overs 20/24” while holding 2 x 15/22.5kg by their side.



MEN'S Times

1st – Jo Richardson-Watmore - 6.12

1st –  Will Kane - 7.13

2nd – Ruth Hitchin - 6.38

2nd – Michael Smith - 7.14

3rd – Robin Swinkles - 6.39

3rd – Miles Canning - 7.33

4th – Emily Heffernan - 7.15

4th – Eamon Kelly - 7.47

5th - Jess Rosart - 7.19

5th  – Freddie Ray - 8.21



Athletes had to complete 500m on the ski erg straight into 25/15 cals on the Rogue Echo bike

WOMEN'S Times MEN'S Times
1st – Ruth Hitchen - 2.39 1st –  Joshua Al-chamaa - 2.28
2nd – Robin Swinkles - 2.40 2nd – Keith Barlow - 2.29
3rd – Jo Richardson-Watmore - 2.45 3rd – Ollie Cooper-Millar - 2.30
4th – Emily Heffernan - 2.48 3rd – Harvey Lawton - 2.30
4th - Tiff West - 2.48 3rd – Freddie Ray - 2.30


Click HERE for the full results of all the workouts and scores.



Click HERE to see images from the day. If you are to post, please tag @turfgames @underarmouruk #IWILL and photographer @rxdphotography

 Below is our amazing team of crew and judges who continue to go over and above at each comp - the day wouldn't have been the same without them all.

A huge thanks to BLK BOX, our official equipment partner for supply the gear for the workout.  Fresh Fitness Food, KIN Nutrition and Invictus Capsules for fueling the athletes and spectators as well as all the brands that contributed to the goodie bags.

Looking forward to seeing loads of the images from the day shared on socials.

Remember, Winter Festival team entry on sale 9am London time Sept 27th.