TURF x Dubai Active Show '22


28th - 30th Oct: We are excited to announce that for the second year in a row we will be hosting a TURF Functional Fitness arena across all 3 days of the 2022 Dubai Active Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre 


 The Turf Games team alongside the Dubai Active Show have been working hard to ensure that we can help put on a great competition and give the opportunity to athletes, from all levels, the chance to compete over the weekend in a fun, professional environment. 

We will be hosting two different styles of competitions across the weekend. Entry to either competition will also include entry to the Dubai Active Show allowing you, both before and after your event, to take in all that the show has to offer.


You are more than welcome to enter both competitions/multiple divisions across the weekend.  Read on below to find out more details about each event.  

This event is open to EVERYONE and ANYONE to enter - no matter where you are based in the world or your level of fitness - come along and have some fun with Turf Games at the Dubai Active Show.


11am - 5pm: On the first day of the show during the shows opening hours we will be hosting our endurance concept - Turf Games ENGINE.  This event will be testing your endurance or what we like to call - your ENGINE.  There will be options to enter as an -

  • Individual 
  • Pair - male, female, mixed

We will have aged group winners across the day in the male and female individual categories - 

  • Adults up to 39 years old
  • Masters 40+ 

ENGINE:  An endurance workout which will take between 30 to 40 minutes to complete.


If you love cardio and ergs - this is for you.  An example of how the workout will look is below (this may not be the exact workout that will be at the show)- 


The winning male / female in each age category, as well as the winning pair in male / female / mixed will win some prizes from our partners.


The cost for the ENGINE event will be $35usd* for individuals and $60usd* for a pair. Please note the ENGINE hours will be between 11am and 5pm.

*Entry to the Turf Games ENGINE will also include entry to the Dubai Active Show with your ticket price.


You've been putting in the hours on the gym floor - now it is time to add in tactics and teamwork.  The Turf Games teams of 3 competition is a functional fitness competition where athletes will compete in 4 back to back workouts, testing various aspects of their fitness in a fun, competition style format - vying for the crown of Fittest in the City - Dubai.

Competing Saturday 29th

  • Male teams of 3
  • Female Teams of 3

Competing Sunday 30th

  • Mixed teams of 3 - 2M/1F

You may compete in two categories - men's/mixed or women's/mixed. 


The winning Elite Teams of 3 - Female / Male / Mixed - will win cash prize of 1,800AED / team. The winning Open teams will win prizes from our partners.

Please note, athletes will not be required to compete both days - you only compete on the day you book and are only required for the duration of your 4 workouts. Athletes should arrive at least 45 minutes before their start time time to check in and warm up. 


Teams will compete in 4 back to back 12 minute time capped workouts with a 6 minute break in between - taking a total of 66 minutes. Your heat start time will be provided to you minimum one week before the event. You will not be required for the full duration of the day you compete. For example, if your start time is 10am - workout 1 will be 10am, workout 2 - 10.18am, workout 3 - 10.36am and workout 4 - 10.54am. You should arrive minimum 40 minutes before your heat start time to warm up and get ready to hit the TURF. 

We will have 2 divisions to choose from - 

  • Elite
  • Open

Any weight or movements that we stipulate (like DBs, KBs etc) will be appropriate to that level - see below for guides.  Each workout will be judged and will have scores on our LIVE! Leaderboard.  By the end of each day, podium places will be crowned across each of the divisions / categories above.

This is NOT a 'CrossFit' comp - rather a functional fitness comp - no overhead squats or gymnastic movements (no handstands, muscle ups or double unders). The workouts will be accessible to anyone who attends a gym.



This is our 'accessible' category that anyone who wants to get on the TURF  - the weekend warrior, the 2-4 x a week gym goer, the person who wants to have a throw around with their mates but not in a 'serious' way - can get involved. At our bigger team events - you would be entering the Everyday or Intermediate Division.

This division is designed for those who are in the 'Everyday Division' or could push into the 'Intermediate Division'. Those who are on the cusp of elite, or would bein the Elite Division (Rx) of our teams event, should be entering Elite.

Their will be partner prizes for the winning team from each category.  This is the perfect division for those who may want to 'compete' in fitness for the first time or just want to be on the TURF and unleash their competitive spirit.


Athletes who want to test themselves against the best! You are serious in the gym, training 4-6 times per week. You have competed at numerous functional fitness comps, or come from a decent sporting background.  You may even back yourselves to challenge for the silverware and want to be in the running to win some big prizes including cash.  You are on the TURF to really push yourself and want to go all in - just like the way you train!

Please respect the categories and ensure that your team enters the right category to make it a fair and fun competition for all.  Any eligibility questions, please email team@turfgames.com. 


Earlybird entry - The cost for a team of 3 is $135usd* - $45usd each athlete.

Normal cost - Once Earlybird is sold out, the cost will go be $165usd* - $55USD each athlete

*Entry to the Turf Games Fittest in the City will also include entry to the Dubai Active Show included with your ticket price.


We are excited to have Grenade as our major partner across all events this year in Dubai.  No doubt you have seen their bars around gyms or shops in Dubai - if you haven't you will be able to sample all their products at our event in the unreal set up they are bringing.

Their protein bars are high in protein (22-25g), low in sugar (less than 2g), covered in European chocolate making it the ideal sweet snack for any time of day. Their protein shakes are very high in protein (25g), low in sugar, vegetarian and lactose free. These are the perfect snack for any time of day, but especially good after a workout as they are delicious and ready-to-drink.




Want to volunteer as a judge or crew member to help make the 2022 Dubai Active Show something special?  We are on the lookout for people to join our team in rolls like, judge, athlete check in, equipment set up and more.  Everyone who joins will be kitted out in Under Armour Gear, receive food and snacks all day and more.  It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned fitness competition expert or it's your first time, we would love to have you.

CLICK HERE to put your name down to join our team

Please email caroline@turfgames.com if you have any questions


The Dubai Active Show is held at ZABEEL HALLS 1, 2, 3  and HALL 1 at DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE.  There is plenty of car parks around the center, or taxi drop offs are also very easy. 

The Active / Dubai Muscle Shows opening hours are 10am - 7pm each day, please do come early and stay late and enjoy all the show has to offer.

Loads more info to come, be sure to register your interest for these events and keep an eye on our Instagram page.