15/16th June 2024 - Ealing Trailfinders

Be part of the UK's leading team based functional fitness competition. The 2024 Turf Games London Summer Festival is BACK and we are pleased to welcome our Free Agents to the event!  

A Free Agent 2024 London Summer Festival entry will see you competing against other athletes in the EVERYDAY athlete division at Ealing Trailfinders. Each team will compete in a minimum of 4 workouts. All teams have 6 athletes - 3M and 3F.

Once you secure your Free Agent spot, you will be competing on Sunday 16th June.

If you and another friend have purchased a spot and would like to be in the same team, please email us at We will try to accommodate, however there is no guarantees we can put you in the same team (although it is highly likely) - will depend on availability.

  • The event will be outdoors
  • There is no subbing of athletes once the comp starts
  • Teams are 6 athletes in a team - 3M and 3F
  • All team entry tickets are non refundable
  • If the event does not happen on the 15/16 June 2024, or we can not allocate you to a team, you will be eligible for a full refund
  • You will be allocated your team in March so you can connect and train with them ready for the event